Journey from bustling metropolis to seaside splendor on this active six-day adventure across Egypt. After touring the Great Pyramids by camel, jet off to the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. In between relaxing beach time and snorkeling fun, you'll embark on memorable excursions into the surrounding desert—including an overnight trek up Mount Sinai and dinner under the stars at a remote Bedouin camp. Wind down back in Cairo with a final food tour around the city before your departure.


  • Wander through an explosion of color in Cairo's historic bazaar
  • Trek to the summit of Mount Sinai in time for a spectacular sunrise
  • Ride a camel to a traditional Bedouin camp and sip tea while you stargaze
  • Snorkel among the vibrant reefs of Ras Mohamed National Park

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Cairo, Walking Tour of Cairo & Khan el-Khalili Bazaar Cairo
Day 2 Pyramids Excursion & Camel Ride, Cairo Sightseeing Cairo
Day 3 Fly to Sharm el-Sheikh, Overnight Adventure at Mount Sinai Sharm el-Sheikh
Day 4 Bedouin Desert Safari & Stargazing Sharm el-Sheikh
Day 5 Snorkeling Excursion in Ras Mohamed National Park Sharm el-Sheikh
Day 6 Fly to Cairo, Walking Food Tour, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Cairo, Walking Tour of Cairo & Khan el-Khalili Bazaar

Hunt for treasures at Cairo's historic Khan el-Khalili bazaar

Welcome to Egypt! This six-day adventure starts in the capital of the country, Cairo. A city of dense ancient history and modern-day vibrancy, there's lots to explore—and you won't waste any time upon arrival. Your private driver will be waiting at the airport to take you to your hotel. Drop off your bags and strap on your comfy walking shoes, because you're off on a walking tour that starts on Cairo's most famous street—El-Moez. Take to the chaotic labyrinth of narrow alleyways with your local guide, who will reveal the city's history and heritage—and keep you from getting lost!

Formally known as El Moez Le Din Allah, El-Moez is a concentrated collection of medieval Islamic architecture with monuments like the Bab el-Fetouh and Bab el-Nasr, two ancient gates to the city. You'll continue unraveling the past with your guide by heading north into the city's ancient quarter and sifting through an explosion of color and sparkling trinkets at the Khan el-Khalili bazaar. Wind between stacks of rugs and towers of spices as you seek out the perfect souvenirs, and try your hand at bargaining with the help of your guide.

Day 2: Pyramids Excursion & Camel Ride, Cairo Sightseeing

See the Great Pyramids of Giza from the back of a camel

Most visitors have one thing on their mind for a trip to Egypt—the Pyramids. Grab breakfast and meet your guide, then set off for an adventurous look at the Great Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. You'll experience their imposing presence from the back of a camel, giving you a unique vantage point over the shifting sands and ancient wonders. The iconic Great Sphinx, watching over the pyramids, is also on the docket. 

You'll be able to put everything you saw earlier in greater context this afternoon at the Egyptian Museum. Over 5,000 years of art and relics are housed here, including over 100,000 artifacts and both the mummy of King Tut and his spectacular treasure, buried with him over 3,000 years ago. End the day back in the heart of the city, known as Coptic Cairo for its history as a stronghold of early Christianity. The Hanging Church and Holy Cave, where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were said to have stayed, are the highlights of this excursion. 

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Day 3: Fly to Sharm el-Sheikh, Overnight Adventure at Mount Sinai

Climb the stone steps to St. Catherine's Monastery on an epic, overnight adventure

Day three begins with a short flight to Sharm el-Sheikh from Cairo. Your driver will be waiting to take you to the airport in the morning, and you'll arrive in this laid-back resort town on the Red Sea by early afternoon. Another representative will be waiting upon arrival to whisk you off to your hotel, where you can drop your bags off and make a quick beeline for the beach. Spend the afternoon relaxing and taking a nap because you're in for an incredible treat this evening. 

Around 8:00 pm, your guide will drive you three hours out of the city to St. Catherine's Monastery. Take a brief nap before getting your heart pumping on the trek up Mount Sinai. Sitting at 7,497 feet (2,285 m), Mount Sinai (also known as Mount Moses) is a location of great importance to the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish faiths. The hike begins at 2:00 am, and you'll reach the summit just before the sun rises over the desert. Head back down the mountain at 7:00 am for a visit to the monastery itself and a history lesson on this famous martyr. You can catch up on some well-deserved sleep on the drive back to your hotel.

Day 4: Bedouin Desert Safari & Stargazing

Immerse yourself in Bedouin culture today with a trip into the desert

It wouldn't be a visit to Egypt without some time spent in the desert. After a free morning spent at the beach, you'll go off the beaten path this afternoon at a Bedouin camp. A guide will transport you from the shimmering coast to Sharm el-Sheikh's desert interior, where you'll ride from the edge of the sand into the dunes on a trusty camel, who will safely guide you through the arid landscape. Your ride is capped at just 20 minutes to experience this classic Bedouin transportation without getting saddle-sore.

Arrive at the Bedouin camp just in time for sunset. Your hosts will be awaiting your arrival with herbal tea, smiles, and traditional bread—which you'll soon have the opportunity to learn how to make. A delicious, candlelit dinner feast will be laid out beneath the stars as you're treated to a fire-dancing show and a favorite local treat, shisha. But the fun doesn't end there. Get a closer look at those twinkling stars and galaxies through a telescope with your guide, who will point out constellations and more. Finish off the day with a speedy and comfortable transport back to your hotel.

Day 5: Snorkeling Excursion in Ras Mohamed National Park

Go snorkeling off White Island in Ras Mohamed National Park

The Red Sea is teeming with a rainbow of marine life and diverse reef systems. You'll dive right into this kaleidoscopic world today on a group tour of White Island and the Ras Mohamed National Park. Spend the day on a boat, exploring the nooks and crannies of this reserve that's tucked at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. As Egypt's first national park, this area protects mangrove forests, wadis (dry channels), sand dunes, and most importantly, the largest African coral reef system, the Red Sea Reef.

After snorkeling at several locations throughout the park, a barbecue lunch will be served back on the boat before continuing on to White Island, where the Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Suez collide. Walk along the powdered sugar sand and snorkel above thriving reef systems, schools of fish, and even sea turtles. As you sail back to Sharm el-Sheik, grab a spot on the sundeck for beautiful views.

Day 6: Fly to Cairo, Walking Food Tour, Depart 

Taste your way through Cairo today before your departure

It's almost time to say goodbye to Egypt, but first, you'll hop on a quick flight from Sharm el-Sheikh back to Cairo. Savor your last glimpses of the "City of a Thousand Minarets" through both traditional food and architecture on a four-hour walking food tour. Following a foodie guide, you'll sample some of the city's best snacks, drinks, and sweets at four different stops throughout the city as you learn more about its local customs and culture.

After the tour, your driver will be waiting to take you to the airport for your departing flight. Safe travels!

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Map of Egypt City, Desert & Coast Adventure: Cairo & Sharm el-Sheikh - 6 Days
Map of Egypt City, Desert & Coast Adventure: Cairo & Sharm el-Sheikh - 6 Days