April in the Galápagos brings snorkeling in clear blue waters, spotting baby giant tortoises, and Easter celebrations. As the month progresses, dramatic scenes play out between the hatchlings and their fierce predators: stick around the beaches to see how it unfolds. It is the ideal time for island-hopping between Isabela, Genovesa, and Española Islands to see a variety of wildlife. Between the land-based activities, you'll dive into the sea and experience the marine underworld. If you're planning on visiting in April, read on for weather tips and travel advice.


The rainy season is ending in April, transforming the Galapágos Islands with lush, green vegetation. The weather is pleasant, with daily temperatures around 80°F and water temperatures around 77°F. The rainfall is almost nonexistent,  humidity is decreasing as the dry season approaches, and colder waters return to several islands—particularly the western ones. 

Crowds & Costs

Easter draws many travelers to the Galapágos Islands, and you can expect it to be more crowded during this time. Prices on flights and accommodation get a bit more expensive, as the holiday attracts not only travelers from foreign countries but also from all around Ecuador. However, you still have a pretty good chance of finding lower prices on hotels and activities around the islands, such as boat cruises and land-based trips, if you avoid traveling during Easter week. 

Overall, April is considered the low season and is a great time to travel, particularly if you are looking for some quiet time. It can sometimes feel as if you are alone on the islands and you can enjoy many activities without big crowds. It makes for a perfect, relaxing getaway, far away from the noise, with mainly wildlife and nature as your company.

Where to Go

In April, the waved albatross continues to return to Española Island, and you now have a greater chance of seeing one. These incredible species have their courtship rituals during this time, fighting fiercely with their beaks, and typically mating for life. Head to Genovesa Island to see the frigatebird flashing their red sacs to impress females. 

On Isabela Island, land iguana eggs hatch, which means you will have the opportunity to see newborn land iguana babies,—as well as the predators looking to snatch them. You might even see the seas turtle babies emerge and crawl out of their buried nests along the shores. The best places to see this event are Urbina Bay, Bartolome, Las Bachas, and Cormorant Point. 

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What to Do

The arrival of colder waters means that humpback whales are likely swimming around the Galapágos Islands, and wildlife viewing is at its prime. April is one of the best months for visiting the Galapágos Islands, as dramatic scenes play out between wildlife species. As the hatching season for the giant tortoise draws to a close, the females will lay two to 16 eggs, which hatch and make their way to the surface. Circling hawks try to steal hatchlings away as the babies scurry for cover.

Green sea turtle hatchlings also start making their way from their nest to the sea during night time. The timing is carefully chosen by the turtles to avoid predators that lurk around during day time, including hawks, mocking birds, and frigate birds. You will also see land iguana hatchlings when taking land-based tours or trips on island cruises. The land iguanas face predators as well, and in April, you might spot them hanging around the nests, looking for a newborn to have for dinner. 

Snorkeling is excellent during this time of the year thanks to the warm weather and clear waters, and it's a great time to visit if you're a big beach fan. To get the best of water- and land-based activities, choose a cruise that offers both. 

Events in April

The Holy Week. Starting between March 19 and March 22, this Catholic holiday is one of the most significant events on the Galapágos Islands and in Ecuador. The holy week begins with Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. The celebrations are celebrated with parades and daily processions in nearly every town. 

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