February is a festive month in the Galápagos Islands, with Ecuador's Carnival celebration and ideal conditions for scuba diving and boating. You will enjoy colorful parades, delicious food, and true Ecuadorian spirit. The penguins will join you as they return to the islands during this time, while greater flamingos and marine iguanas begin their nesting season. Keep reading for tips and advice if you're planning on visiting in February.


February is one of the rainiest months and is considered the wet season on the Galápagos Islands. However, the rain is sporadic and takes turns with sunshine throughout the day. Warm temperatures are still at their peak during the month, and you can expect sunny weather with daily temperatures of approximately 80-85 °F.

It gets quite humid during this period, and you can experience a more cooling breeze when traveling aboard a boat, so bringing a light jacket is a good idea if you're planning on a cruise. Sea temperatures are around 77 °F, which makes for a pleasant and refreshing swim, and the water becomes warmer in the afternoon.

Crowds & Costs

February is not peak season on the Galápagos Islands, however, many travelers visit during Carnival. During this period, prices do increase somewhat, especially later in the month, but not as much as during the previous winter months and busy summer months.

If you are looking to travel in February and are looking for a quiet time, then the beginning of the month is the best time to visit. Make sure to book your accommodation early on if you plan on attending the festivities. 

Where to Go

In February, several islands attract different species. Visit Santa Cruz Island to spot the marine iguanas as they begin nesting, then head to Floreana Island to see the greater flamingos during their nesting season. You can also get a glimpse of the Galápagos dove, a species that's endemic to the islands. 

Española Island is perfect for birdwatching, with the Nazca boobies making their appearance. You will also spot penguin families gathering on Fernandina Island, Bartolomé Island, and Isabela Island

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What to Do

February is the best month for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can enjoy many cultural activities, as the big Carnival takes place towards the end of the month, and it's also the perfect time for enjoying a cruise. Because of the cooler mornings, hiking is ideal during this time, while the afternoons are perfect for underwater activities. One of the best options during this time is a one-week tour between several islands. This way, you will experience different species nesting and enjoy both land-based and water-based activities

Your time in February will be even more exciting with the famous Ecuador Carnival taking place, beginning on Fat Thursday. Spending Carnival on the Galápagos Islands is a unique experience with beautiful scenery and a distinct island atmosphere. 

Events in February

Ecuador Carnival (starting on Fat Thursday, lasts for 6 days). The best Carnival parade takes place on Santa Cruz Island at Tortuga Bay

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