With over 1,000 avian species, Kenya is a birder's dream. This 10-day safari adventure takes you through some of the country's greatest bird-watching destinations, from the foothills of Kilimanjaro to the volcanic landscapes of Tsavo—as you hop from lodge to lodge and embark on a packed itinerary of game drives and bush walks. Alongside spectacular feathered specimens like secretary birds and hornbills, you'll have plenty of chances to spot iconic African wildlife like lions, cheetahs, elephants, and more.


  • Go on a "city safari" to spot wild animals in Nairobi National Park
  • Witness orphaned baby elephants during their mud bath and milk feed
  • See exotic birds in Kenya, from secretary birds to the African crowned eagle
  • Marvel at the red elephants of Tsavo and spot elephants and zebras at your lodge

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Nairobi, Game Safari, Elephant Sanctuary Visit Nairobi
Day 2 Transfer to Amboseli National Park, Afternoon Game Drive Amboseli National Park
Day 3 Sunrise & Afternoon Game Drives in Amboseli, Cultural Activities Amboseli National Park
Day 4 Transfer to Tsavo West National Park, Afternoon Game Drive Tsavo West National Park
Day 5 Tsavo West Morning Game Drive & Safari Activities Tsavo West National Park
Day 6 Transfer to Taita Wildlife Conservancy, Afternoon Safari Activities Taita Taveta
Day 7 Taita Game Drives & Safari Activities Taita Taveta
Day 8 Transfer to Tsavo East National Park, Afternoon Game Drive Tsavo East National Park
Day 8 Tsavo East Game Drives & Safari Activities Tsavo East National Park
Day 10 Transfer to Nairobi, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Nairobi, Game Safari, Elephant Sanctuary Visit 

Nairobi National Park
You don't even have to leave the city limits to enjoy a safari in Nairobi

Welcome to Kenya! This East African Nation is famous for its abundance of wildlife parks, reserves, and protected areas home to the continent's most majestic wildlife specimens. It's one of the finest safari destinations in the world—and you won't have to wait long at all to embark on one.

After arriving at the airport in the capital of Nairobi, you'll transfer to your hotel. Then, meet a guide for a safari drive in Nairobi National Park, a 47-square-mile (117 sq km) protected area within the city limits. Despite its proximity to the capital, the park is home to a spectacular variety of wildlife, including four of the famous Big Five animals (lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos). Also, over 400 species of birds have been recorded here, including storks, cranes, fish eagles, secretary birds, and more. 

Afterward, you'll visit the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. Here, you'll see young elephants rescued and cared for until they're ready to be released back into the wild. On top of viewing the elephants, there's the option to sponsor an orphan. If you do, you can return later in the day to help feed and tuck your newly adopted elephant into bed.

Day 2: Transfer to Amboseli National Park, Afternoon Game Drive

A herd of elephants under the looming table of Kilimanjaro 

And you're off! Say goodbye to Nairobi as you meet your driver this morning for the three-hour drive south toward the border with Tanzania. Your destination is Amboseli National Park, which encompasses the foothills of mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa (19,340 ft/ 5,895 m). Besides views of Kilimanjaro's snowcapped table, this 151-square-mile (392 sq km) park features abundant wildlife. Amboseli is famous mainly for its large herds of elephants. The park's open plains make it easy to spot these giant creatures as they move across the savanna.

Upon arrival, you'll check into the luxury Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge, which also looks out to Kilimanjaro. After settling in, enjoy a late lunch and then embark on an afternoon safari, where you'll likely spot at least a few of Africa's famous Big Five and the odd baboon or two by the roadside. 

Day 3: Sunrise & Afternoon Game Drives in Amboseli, Cultural Activities

You'll receive a warm welcome from the local Maasai community in Amboseli National Park

You've got a full day of safari fun in store as you set off at dawn in an open-topped 4WD vehicle for a sunrise game drive. Traverse wetland landscapes with dried lake beds and sulfur springs, where you'll find large herds of elephants and other wildlife roaming the open plains. In between viewing the park's mammals, keep your eyes peeled for the diverse birdlife on show. Marabou storks, kingfishers, African fish eagles, Lanner falcons, and the endemic golden weaver are just a few of the 400 avian species that thrive in Amboseli's diverse ecosystems.

You can also visit a nearby Maasai community for a cultural exchange. Don't be surprised if Maasai warriors invite you to join in a ceremonial jumping dance. Return to the lodge for lunch, then leave on an afternoon game drive. As you explore the savanna, you'll see plenty of animals up close, including leopards, cheetahs, mongooses, and even wild dogs. A little while after sunset, you'll return to the lodge. 

Day 4: Transfer to Tsavo West National Park, Afternoon Game Drive

Spot the distinctive plumage of the male flightless ostrich in Tsavo

Rise and shine for another gorgeous day on the African plains. The morning kicks off with breakfast, followed by a pickup from your driver. Then, head south for two hours to Tsavo West National Park, where you'll check into the Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, an atmospheric refuge framed by Mount Kilimanjaro. One of the most evocative destinations in the country, this massive protected area (it spans 3,500 sq mi/ 9,065 sq km) is known for its almost mythical landscapes and creatures.

After lunch, you'll venture out on an afternoon game drive across the vast plains to spot zebras, leopards, giraffes, and elephants tinged red from the volcanic soil. Return to the lodge in the early evening for dinner and a sundowner on your veranda. 

Day 5: Tsavo West Morning Game Drive & Safari Activities

A baboon surveys the savanna from a termite mount in Tsavo

On this morning's game drive, you'll discover the park's ancient lava flows, natural springs, and peculiar rock formations as your driver takes you to key panoramic lookout points. Spot the large animal herds below amid the rolling grasslands and rocky ridges.

There's plenty to see above ground, too, with diverse bird species like the threatened corncrake and Basra reed warbler, as well as colorful vulturine guineafowl and iridescent Tsavo sunbirds. Keep an eye out for the Verreaux's eagle-owl, which hunts the park's dry savannas, and the many flocks of flamingoes that frequent the riverbanks and swamps. In the afternoon, book a nature safari around the acacia woodlands, where you'll spot wildlife ranging from mighty hippos to the skittish lesser kudu.

Day 6: Transfer to Taita Wildlife Conservancy, Afternoon Safari Activities

Wake up with elephants right outside your window (photo courtesy of Salt Lick Safari Lodge)
Plan your trip to Kenya
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

It's a brisk one-hour transfer this morning from Tsavo West to the Taita Wildlife Conservancy. This 42-square-mile (110 sq km) protected area is nestled in the lush Taita Hills amid riverine forest and savanna grassland and features expansive views out to Mount Kilimanjaro. Upon arrival, you'll check into the Salt Lick, a luxury safari lodge on the vast Tsavo plains. Its name derives from the on-site watering hole and salt lick, which draws plentiful wildlife, like elephants and zebras, right to the lodge. You can view the grazing herds from the terrace of your elevated bungalow.

Take a break for a leisurely lunch, then get right back into the swing of things with a safari activity like a game drive, guided walk, or birding excursion. Diverse avian species you can glimpse on such tours include the gray crowned crane, the Taita falcon, and the African crowned eagle. Dinner will be served back at the lodge. 

Day 7: Taita Game Drives & Safari Activities

Spot endemic African birds, including the grey crowned crane on your safari adventures
Spot endemic African birds, including the gray crowned crane, on your safari adventures

Today is free for you to craft your own itinerary of game drives, bush walks, or bird-watching excursions. Morning and evening are the best times to head out by 4WD to catch the animals at their most active, while a night safari offers prime predator-spotting conditions.

Opt for a bush walk to get closer to nature as you follow in the footsteps of your experienced guide and glimpse smaller species, learn about the native flora, and watch for some of the over 390 bird species. This region is home to many endangered avians found only in its unique patches of montane forest—including the Taita apalis, a tiny Kenyan songbird considered one of the rarest birds on Earth.

Day 8: Transfer to Tsavo East National Park, Afternoon Game Drive

A cheetah in Tsavo East spots its prey

Leave early on a two-hour drive north across the Tsavo plains to Tsavo East National Park. Bordering the country of Tanzania, this massive park (it covers 5,308 sq mi/ 13,747 sq km) is part of the even larger Tsavo Conservation Area, which also includes the protected areas Tsavo East and Chyulu Hills National Park. Tsavo East is known for its raw and untamed wilderness of diverse habitats ranging from open plains and semi-arid savannas to scrublands and acacia woodlands.

This area supports a great variety of wildlife, which you'll see after checking into the Ashnil Aruba Lodge in a superb location on the banks of Aruba Dam. Tsavo East is famous for its large elephant herds (some of the largest in Africa), so expect to see these magnificent animals roaming the vast plains and congregating around watering holes on this afternoon's game drive.

Day 9: Tsavo East Game Drives & Safari Activities

Bring your binoculars on today's drives to spot colorful Tsavo birdlife like the pygmy kingfisher

It's the penultimate day of your safari adventure, so make the most of it with a full day of game drives and excursions. Besides the famous Tsavo elephants, big cats—like lions, leopards, and cheetahs—are abundant here, as are giraffes, antelope, and lesser kudu. Some of the more unusual species found in the park include the African wild dog, the Grévy's zebra, and the rare and critically endangered hirola antelope.

Tsavo East is also home to over 500 species of birds. On today's game drives, you'll maximize your chances of spotting the most exotic specimens, which include raptors, waterfowl, hornbills, ostriches, and others. As you travel around water sources, be sure to also keep an eye out for hippos and crocodiles. 

Day 10: Transfer to Nairobi, Depart 

Your time in Africa is up, but you leave with a lifetime of memories

And just like that, your grand African adventure reaches its conclusion. In the morning, meet your driver for the four-hour transfer back to Nairobi and the airport, where you'll catch your flight home. Kwaheri!

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Map of Kenya Wildlife & Bird-Watching Safari: Nairobi, Amboseli, Tsavo & Taita- 10 Days
Map of Kenya Wildlife & Bird-Watching Safari: Nairobi, Amboseli, Tsavo & Taita- 10 Days