For a quick introduction to the culture and hospitality of Bolivia, try this 5-day itinerary. An accessible adventure that balances easy hiking excursions with immersive activities led by locals, the trip starts on the shores of Lake Titicaca. You'll explore indigenous history in the village of Copacabana, then learn about local ways of life while staying with a host family in the community of Santiago de Okola. Finish with a couple of days exploring the bustling capital of La Paz, riding high over the city in a cable car, and sampling Andean street snacks on a food tour.


  • Explore pre-Inca ruins and take a stroll along the beach in Copacabana
  • Enjoy short, scenic hikes around Lake Titicaca
  • Stay with a host family in the charming lakeside village of Santiago de Okola
  • Take a walking tour of La Paz before you hop on a cable car for incredible city views

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Explore Copacabana & Isla del Sol Isla del Sol
Day 2 Visit the Community of Santiago de Okola Santiago de Okola
Day 3 Hike in the Hamputuri Valley & Travel to La Paz La Paz
Day 4 Discover La Paz on a City Tour La Paz
Day 5 Depart Bolivia   

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Explore Copacabana & Isla del Sol

Boats in Lake Titicaca
Boats in Lake Titicaca

Welcome to Bolivia! The first destination on your trip is Copacabana, a small village on the edge of Lake Titicaca. Copacabana is notable for its indigenous origins and important Inca and pre-Inca ruins. You'll have time to take a stroll around town and see some historic sites before heading down to the beach to catch a ferry out to the island of Isla del Sol, where you'll spend the night. When you get off the ferry, you will enjoy a short hike to the hotel before relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Day 2: Visit the Community of Santiago de Okola

Local weavers in Santiago de Okola
Local weavers in Santiago de Okola

In the morning, explore the island on a short but beautiful hike. Then you will board the ferry once again for a trip to the farming and fishing village of Santiago de Okola. This village operates a small, community-based agritourism project, and visitors are welcome to stay and learn. You will be welcomed by the community members, who will host you in their homes and show you their way of life. Go for a hike around the nearby mountain ridges after touring the community buildings and participating in a weaving workshop. In the evening, enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal and sit by an open bonfire under a magnificent star-filled sky. 

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Day 3: Hike in the Hamputuri Valley & Travel to La Paz

A colorful alleyway in La Paz
A colorful street in La Paz

Go for an early morning walk along the shore of Lake Titicaca before your departure. After breakfast with your host family, hit the road for the trip to La Paz. In the afternoon, go for a guided hike in the Hamputuri Valley or go on a culinary tour of the city, sampling unique Andean ingredients and cooking styles. You might sample a sanduíche de chola (pork sandwich), cuñapé (cheesy bread), or if you're feeling especially adventurous, anticucho (a skewer of beef heart with potatoes).

Day 4: Discover La Paz on a City Tour

Take a cable car for stunning views of the city
Ride a cable car for stunning views of the city

Today you'll go on a guided city tour. Take time to explore the popular Witches' Market, where you can purchase medicinal herbs, and visit the San Francisco Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedrals in the city. You’ll see the main square, Plaza Murillo, continuing onward to the southern neighborhoods and a fascinating geological anomaly called Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna) because of its bizarre, moon-like surface. You will also have a chance to participate in an Andean cooking class at a local culinary school. End the day with a cable car ride, taking in panoramic views of La Paz. 

Day 5: Depart Bolivia

Panoramic view of La Paz
Panoramic view of La Paz

It's time to say goodbye to Bolivia. Head to the airport for your flight out. Safe travels!

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Map of Explore La Paz & Lake Titicaca - 5 Days
Map of Explore La Paz & Lake Titicaca - 5 Days