As summer turns to fall in Morocco, temperatures start cooling off around the country and a lively cultural calendar offers plenty of special events. Here's a monthly guide for where to go and what to do in September.


Coming right on the heels of the hottest month in Morocco, September can be sweltering or relatively comfortable, depending on where you go. In Marrakech, it's cool enough for sightseeing (80°F is the daily average) but it's still too hot for adventures in the nearby Sahara Desert. 

It can be oppressively hot in other inland areas, as well, but it's a good time to go to the beach or the mountains. In the coastal city of Agadir, you'll have plenty of sunshine and a pleasant 74°F daily average. In the Atlas Mountains, it's slightly warmer, with a daily average of 77°F, but the highs can hit 90°F.

In the north, Tangier's high averages 81°, and Casablanca is even more pleasant, with a typical high of 78°.

Crowds & Costs

With the summertime tourist rush wrapping up, September is relatively mellow. But it's still a popular time to visit Morocco, especially on weekends, when European tourists take advantage of budget-friendly flights into Marrakech and other major cities. There aren't a lot of special promotions or discounts at this time of year: you'll likely pay full price for hotels and tours, and you'll want to reserve ahead if you have a particular riad or restaurant reservation in mind.

Where to Go

In the case of September in Morocco, the question should be reversed: where shouldn't you go? In short, the only place you'll probably want to skip is the Sahara Desert, which is still too hot to really enjoy in September. Other than that, Morocco is wide open for exploration: the weather is balmy and the crowds fewer along the coast, the temperatures are cooling down in the mountains, making hiking and trekking more appealing, and imperial cities like Fes see long days of sunshine and fewer tour groups than in summer.

What to Do

September features a range of festivals and special celebrations around Morocco. Planning a side trip to a once-in-a-lifetime event like the Imilchil Marriage Festival (see more info on this below) is a great way to get off the beaten path and experience some aspects of traditional Moroccan culture that most tourists don't see. 

It's also a great month for outdoor activities that incorporate both hiking and swimming. After a hot summer, ocean water, rivers, and lakes have all warmed up, and they make refreshing spots for a dip after a long hike. Consider a trek around Todra Gorge in the High Atlas Mountains, after which you can cool your feet in the Todra River.

Finally, thanks to cooling temperatures, September is a pleasant time for urban sightseeing, especially in northern destinations like Casablanca, Tangier, and Chefchaouen.

September Events

Imilchil Marriage Festival — In the village of Imilchil, high up in the Middle Atlas Mountains, Berber tribes gather in August and September for a collective marriage festival where young men and women choose a spouse. A key part of the festival brings thousands of people (camping out in traditional tents and accompanied by horses and camels) for three days to see the parade of elaborately dressed young women dancing and celebrating as they search for a husband.

Oasis Festival — An Ibiza-style electronic music festival set outside Marrakech that's increasingly popular every year. Check the website for exact dates and a lineup.

L'Boulevard Festival — A weeklong music festival in Casablanca featuring electronic, rock, and underground music.

Tanjazz Festival — As the name suggests, it's a jazz festival in Tangier that lasts three days. Check the website for the latest schedule.

Traveling to Morocco in September? Check out these great itineraries. 

Moroccan Cities of the North — Pleasant weather and thinning crowds mean it's time to explore the "blue city" of Chefchaouen, the Roman ruins at Volubilis, the medieval medina of Fes, and more with this six-day itinerary that starts and ends in Casablanca.

Moroccan Cities & the Coast — With nine days, you have enough time to see Morocco's imperial cities, Chefchaouen, and the coastal city of Essaouira. Since this itinerary is focused on the north, it's ideal for September, when temperatures are still uncomfortably hot in the desert.

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