Perfect for cyclists seeking a sunny, self-guided itinerary, this Croatian cycling adventure spans the best of the beloved Dalmatian Coast. Start your adventure in ancient Split, where Diocletian's Palace sits along the sea. You'll cycle through olive groves and vineyards on nearby islands before making your way south to Dubrovnik.


  • Explore the ancient, walled Diocletian's Palace
  • Cycle through the Greek and Roman ruins of Brač
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stari Grad
  • Pedal through olive groves and vineyards on beautiful Korčula
  • End your journey in famous Dubrovnik

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Split Split
Day 2 Island Brač Split
Day 3 Island Hvar Hvar
Day 4 Island Korčula Korčula
Day 5 Marco Polo's hometown Korčula
Day 6 Peljesac and Dubrovnik  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Split

Sunny Split, Croatia

Welcome to Split - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home of the ancient, beautiful Diocletian's Palace. Start your Croatian adventure here with a bike fitting and briefing and then an easy, car-free 12-mile (20 km) bike ride. If you're feeling adventurous and arrive early enough, you can extend your ride for a 50-mile (80 km) loop inland from Split.

Before or after your cycle ride, make some time to explore old town, where locals have lived and still live in home molded into the old palace walls. You'll find plenty of cafes and restaurants serving fresh Mediterranean food and a pretty stone waterfront promenade perfect for a stroll.

Cycle distance: 12 - 50 miles  (20-80 km)

Day 2: Brač Island

Cycling from Split to Brač

Bid Split's pretty pinkish stones farewell and make your way by ferry to the island of Brač - the largest and most central of all the Dalmatian islands, famous for its stone (used to build both Diocletian's Palace and the US White House). Depending on your fitness level and preference, spend your day on a leisurely 16-mile (25 km) circuit or take the more intense 50-mile (80 km) loop. Either way, Greek and Roman ruins, stone fishing villages, olive groves, vineyards, wine cellars, and art galleries await.

Cycle distance: 16 - 50 miles (25-80 km)

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Day 3: Hvar Island

Cycling the hills of Croatia
Cycling the hills of Croatia

Start your third day in Croatia with another ferry ride - this time from Split to the popular island of Hvar. An easy cycle route winds around the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stari Grad (Old Town) - an ancient Greek colony dating back to 400 B.C. and still thriving today. Ride through quiet, charming towns, beautiful gardens, a rocky coastline, and sweeping olive groves around Stari Grad, and then take another ride in the afternoon along the famous (and possibly most beautiful) road on the island, which runs alongside lavender fields as it winds its way to Hvar Town.

Cycle distance: 12 - 37 miles (20 - 60km).

Day 4: Korčula Island

Korčula town
Korčula town

As the sun rises, another boat transfer sweeps you across the bright blue Adriatic Sea to the Island of Korčula. The island - populated even before the Greeks - is a haven for history lovers. Cycle 29 miles (46km) from your starting point to the town of Korčula, a beautifully preserved walled city built by the Venetians to display their power. If you feel up for another ride when you arrive, make your way along the island's southern coast with its hidden beaches and coves, small villages and hamlets, and excellent local taverns (known as kobobas) where you'll find fresh, local food.

Cycle distance: 29 - 35 miles (46 -56 km)

Day 5: Marco Polo's hometown

Cycling along the coast

On your second day on Korčula - where the famous Marco Polo was born and raised - more hidden coves, ancient towns, vineyards, olive groves, small stone villages, and dark pine forests await. Depending on how you're feeling, you can choose to cycle more of the island or rest in Korčula for the day. Whatever you choose, make sure to pause in your adventures to taste some homemade gnocchi, macaroni, pastičada (stewed beef), and other traditional local dishes. Some of the best wines in Croatia are also produced right here on the island, so indulge in a glass over dinner.

Cycle distance: 0 - 35 miles (56 km)

Day 6: Peljesac and Dubrovnik

Famous Dubrovnik as seen from above
Famous Dubrovnik as seen from above

On day six, a cruise along the Pelješac Peninsula takes you back to the mainland for a ride along the vineyards of Dingač and Postup, where grapes called Plavac Mali (a close relative of California's Zinfandels and Calabria's Primitivos) are grown. Pause your pedaling to visit a winery or two (there are plenty along the route) and enjoy the sweeping seaside views of the sea and the islands of Mljet and Korčula to your right.

End today's cycle in Ston - a 14th-century salt-producing village on the Pelješac Peninsula, where you'll find the longest fortified walls in Europe (3.5 miles/5.5km). Ston is also known for its oysters, so stop for a snack before boarding your transfer to Dubrovnik. Once in Dubrovnik, your time is your own. Some particularly beloved attractions include the city walls (which you can pay to walk all the way around), the gondola up the mountain (for sweeping views of the city and sea), and Game of Thrones tours, which take you through the filming locations around the city. Slightly more off-the-beaten-track attractions include food tours, walks along the Lapad Bay coastal trail, and visits to the abandoned, ruined hotels of Kupari - torn apart by the war.

Cycle distance: 37 miles (60km).


Map of Self-Guided Cycling Tour: Split to Dubrovnik - 6 Days
Map of Self-Guided Cycling Tour: Split to Dubrovnik - 6 Days