This eight-day walking tour takes you to Sardinia's Costa Verde, the Green Coast, which is known for its amazing views, wild deer, watchtowers, and sparkling waters. You'll visit a UNESCO geopark at Montevecchio, then walk through the dunes of Piscinas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next, you'll explore beaches and granite cliffs before heading to two coastal islands to discover traditional fishing towns and popular resort areas.


  • Explore Sardinia's Costa Verde and the islands of San Pietro and Sant'Antioco
  • Walk through Europe's largest desert area, the dunes of Piscinas
  • Peer into the industrial past at Montevecchio's Historical Mining Park of Sardinia
  • Stroll along gorgeous beaches and swim in crystal-clear water

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Montevecchio Montevecchio
Day 2 Montevecchio Montevecchio
Day 3 Piscinas to Scivu Portixeddu
Day 4 Capo Pecora Loop Walk Portixeddu
Day 5 Walk from Porto Paglia to Portoscuso Portoscuso
Day 6 Carloforte Loop Walk Sant'Antioco
Day 7 Capo Sperone and Sant’Antioco Walk via Torre Cannai Sant'Antioco
Day 8 Arrivederci Sardegna (Goodbye, Sardinia)!  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Montevecchio

Historical Mining Park of Sardinia in Montevecchio
Historical Mining Park of Sardinia in Montevecchio

Your tour of Sardinia will begin with a transfer from Cagliari Airport to Montevecchio, 48 miles (78 km) to the northwest. In Montevecchio, a mining city whose history dates back to ancient times, you'll spend the evening in an agriturismo — a farmhouse that is also a guesthouse. You might go for a relaxing dip in the pool, appreciate your natural surroundings, or admire the Balearic Sea from a distance.

Day 2: Montevecchio

Cervo Sardo Deer in Sardinia, Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock
Cervo Sardo Deer in Sardinia, Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Spend the day exploring Montevecchio and learning about its mining history. In the morning, you'll have the option to go on a guided 45-minute tour of the abandoned mine site of the  Miniere di Montevecchio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Later you'll go for a walk (9.5 km - 6 miles) in the Croccorigas Forest, which is home to cervo sardo, a deer that is indigenous to the area.

Walking distance: 6 miles (9.5 kilometers)
Elevation gain: 1214 feet (370 meters) of ascent and descent


Day 3: Piscinas to Scivu

Dune, Flowers, and Sea in Piscinas, Sardinia
Dune, Flowers, and Sea in Piscinas, Sardinia

Today's explorations may make you feel close to Charles Darwin when he arrived at the Galapagos Islands in the 1830s. The dunes of Piscinas are the largest desert area in Europe. For nearly four miles (six kilometers), you'll walk through the dunes, enjoying the sun, wind, and sea. The last part of the walk is on gravel roads to an agriturismo, where you will spend the next two nights.

Walking distance: 8 miles (13 kilometers)
Elevation gain: 1099 feet (335 meters) ascent, 633 feet (193 meters) descent

Day 4: Capo Pecora Loop Walk

Sardinian Coastal View from Capo Pecora
Sardinian Coastal View from Capo Pecora

Today you'll head back to the sea to begin your walk at Scivu Beach. You'll take a footpath through a Mediterranean macchia (shrubland) biome, then make a loop on Capo Pecora, a granite promontory that juts out into the sea. Near the end of your walk, you'll view Portixeddu Beach, which is very popular with surfers.

Walking distance: 11 miles (18 kilometers)
Elevation gain: 2090 feet (637 meters) ascent, 2182 feet (665 meters) descent

Day 5: Walk from Porto Paglia to Portoscuso

Portoscuso, Sardinia, at Night
Portoscuso, Sardinia, at Night

This morning you'll transfer to Porto Paglia, the starting point for today’s walk. Your journey begins at the site of Porto Paglia's tuna fishery, which dates back to the 1600s. You'll follow a sandy footpath with amazing views of the cliffs all the way to Portoscuso. Today’s walk is unsuitable for people who suffer from vertigo or fear of heights, as part of the trail has no railing and is very close to the edge of the cliff.

Walking distance: 7.5 miles (12 kilometers)
Elevation gain: 1243 feet (379 meters) ascent, 1266 feet (386 meters) descent

Day 6: Carloforte Loop Walk

La Caletta Bay, Sardinia
La Caletta Bay, Sardinia

Today you'll travel by ferry to Carloforte, on San Pietro Island, then take a loop walk on secondary asphalt roads towards the north side of the island. This is where San Pietro Island's tuna fishermen continue the 45-day Mattanza tuna fishing tradition each May, creating a system of nets to capture the tuna. Once back in Carloforte, you'll travel by ferry to Calasetta, then head to Sant’Antioco by private transfer.

Walking time: 10.25 miles (16.5 kilometers)
Elevation gain: 1440 feet (439 meters) ascent, 1250 feet (381 meters) descent

Day 7: Capo Sperone and Sant’Antioco Walk via Torre Cannai

Sant'Antioco, Sardinia
Sant'Antioco, Sardinia

You'll travel by private transfer to Capo Sperone at the southern end of the island, then walk back to Sant'Antioco. You'll pass the Torre Cannai watchtower and Maladroxia Beach, a popular spot when the mistral wind blows. The last part of your walk is on an asphalt road. 

Day 8: Arrivederci Sardegna (Goodbye, Sardinia)!

After breakfast, you'll take public transit or a pre-booked private transfer to the airport.