Crisscrossing the country from north to south, the famous Jordan Trail is considered one of the world's greatest hikes. On this week-long adventure, you'll complete one of its most spectacular portions, trekking from the wilds of the Dana Biosphere Reserve to the Neolithic ruins of "Little Petra." Leave the trail to discover the archaeological wonders of Petra, then finish your journey with a night spent in the "Valley of the Moon"—camping with the Bedouin and exploring the red desert by Jeep.


  • Trek a scenic portion of the famous Jordan Trail 
  • Cross a remote landscape of canyons, valleys & ancient ruins
  • Spend a day exploring the sandstone temples & tombs of Petra
  • Explore the vast Wadi Rum desert by Jeep

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Amman, Transfer to Feynan Feynan
Day 2 Trek from Feynan to Umm Al Sakakin   
Day 3 Trek from Umm Al Sakakin to Al Faid   
Day 4 Trek from Al Faid to Ghbour Whedat  
Day 5 Trek from Ghbour Whedat to Beida  
Day 6 Explore Petra, Transfer to Wadi Rum Wadi Rum
Day 7 Wadi Rum Jeep Excursion, Transfer to Amman & Departure  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Amman, Transfer to Feynan

Spend your first night at the secluded Feynan Ecolodge

Welcome to Jordan! Upon arrival at the Queen Alia International Airport, you will be met by your guide and transferred 3.5 hours south to the Feynan Ecolodge. Touted by National Geographic as one of the best eco-lodges in the world, Feynan sits amid a stunning rocky setting in the heart of the stunning Dana Biosphere Reserve. Jordan's largest natural reserve encompasses four distinct bio-geographical zones and is home to remarkably diverse flora and fauna. Get settled in and enjoy the magic of a night without electricity. After a mouthwatering vegetarian dinner served by candlelight, you can spend the rest of the evening stargazing under the clear desert sky.

Day 2: Trek from Feynan to Umm Al Sakakin 

Trekking from Feynan lodge to Umm El Sakakin  (Dana to Petra)
Your first day of trekking sets out from Feynan
After breakfast this morning, you'll don your hiking boots and set out on your first day of trekking. Today's 9-mile (14 km) route takes you from Feynan to a comfortable camp at Umm Al Sakakin, crossing rugged but mostly level terrain and spectacular vistas. 
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Day 3: Trek from Umm Al Sakakin to Al Faid 

Trek along hillsides and valleys
Today's 5.5-mile (9 km) route starts with a scenic climb through the trees towards the lush Al Faid Valley. After a lunch break at the cooling Al Faid Waterfall, continue onwards to your camp for the night at Jalladat Al Faid.

Day 4: Trek from Al Faid to Ghbour Whedat

Trekking from El Faid to  EHEDAT  (Dana to Petra)
Sweeping views await on today's trek
Experience astonishing views over the most remote corners of Jordan on today's 8-mile (13 km) hike towards Ghbour Whedat. Contouring the Sharah Mountains, you'll follow a trail of mostly clear Bedouin shepherd trails and hunter's paths to reach your next campsite for the night. 

Day 5: Trek from Ghbour Whedat to Beida

Trekking from EHEDAT to BEIDA  (Dana to Petra)
The landscape becomes sandstone canyons as you near Petra
After an early breakfast, set out on the penultimate day of your trekking adventure. Your destination is Beida, also known as Little Petra. This smaller, quieter neighbor of the famous Nabataean wonder dates back to Neolithic times. Along the 7-mile (12 km) route, you'll cross the sandstone canyon of Siq Al Barid and pass ancient carved rock facades. As the sun sets, settle in at your campsite for a well-earned dinner and rest. 

Day 6: Explore Petra, Transfer to Wadi Rum

Marvel at the Nabataean stonework of Petra

Today you'll explore Jordan's beloved archeological treasure: the lost city of Petra. Known as the "Rose City" for the area's distinctive red sandstone, it's easy to see why Petra was named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Its intricate architectural design is hundreds of years old, and remarkably well maintained. 

Enter through the Siq, a dramatically narrow gorge flanked by towering cliffs, and spend your day wandering at your leisure through Petra's seemingly endless temples, tombs, and colonnaded streets. Navigate the impressive water conduit system of the historic Nabataean city, paying a visit to Qasr al-Bint, a grand temple that was once the population's primary place of worship. After a two-hour guided tour, you'll have free time to explore the canyons and temples at your own pace. 

If you're feeling adventurous, climb your way up the 800 steps to the Monastery, Petra's largest and lesser-visited monument. For a stunning view overlooking the Treasury and jagged mountains beyond, hike your way up the steep stone-carved staircase to the top of Jabal al-Khubtha.

After getting your fill of Petra, your driver will take you south into the wilderness of the Wadi Rum, an expanse of desert dubbed the "Valley of the Moon" by Lawrence of Arabia. Along the two-hour drive, you'll pass through red valleys, rock canyons, and dunes to reach a Bedouin-style camp, where you'll enjoy a traditional meal and spend the night sleeping under the stars.

Day 7: Wadi Rum Jeep Excursion, Transfer to Amman & Departure

Wadi Rum (2-3 Hrs Jeep ride)
Explore the Wadi Rum by Jeep

Early risers can start this morning with a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over the desert. After breakfast, you'll set out in a sturdy Jeep for an off-road excursion that takes you deeper into the UNESCO-protected Wadi Rum. Travel through valleys, rock canyons, dunes, and deserts, stopping to check out rock inscriptions and petroglyphs as well as majestic views. Spend a little time at each stop to hike and scramble and explore at your own pace. Along the way, you'll visit desert oases, see 2,000-year-old Kufic rock art, and learn about the history of the area and the local Bedouin culture. 

Other activities like camel and horse rides, hiking trips, and ATV excursions are also available.

After a morning of desert adventure, your driver will pick you up for the 3.5-hour drive back to the Queen Alia International Airport and your departing flight. Safe travels!

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