This five-day luxury Mexico City escape has been meticulously curated for first-time visitors. When you're not on exclusive and private tours, taking you from the floating gardens at Xochimilco to the mysterious wonders of Teotihuacán, you'll enjoy 5-star luxury at a chic design hotel. Taste your way across the city's taco stalls and favorite food market, admire the timeless beauty of Frida Kahlo's iconic Casa Azul, and tour the ancient ruins and Baroque palaces of the Centro Histórico.


  • Stay in a 5-star hotel in one of Mexico City's top neighborhoods
  • Taste the best street tacos and a flight of artisanal mezcal with a private food guide
  • Drift along the canals of Xochimilco and learn about ancient agriculture
  • Visit the home of Frida Kahlo to see how she worked and lived
  • Follow the "Avenue of the Dead" through the pyramids of Teotihuacán

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Mexico City, Tacos, Chelas & Mezcal Tour Mexico City
Day 2 Explore the Centro Histórico, San Juan Market Tour Mexico City
Day 3 Cruise the Canals of Xochimilco, Explore the Casa Azul Museum Mexico City
Day 4 Sacred Mexico City: Basilica of Guadalupe & Teotihuacán  Mexico City
Day 5 National Museum of Anthropology, Depart Mexico City  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Mexico City, Tacos, Chelas & Mezcal Tour

Al pastor
Throughout Mexico City, you'll see trompos grilling to make al pastor tacos

¡Bienvenido a la Ciudad de México! This pulsating mega-metropolis is a rapidly evolving city where towering skyscrapers coexist with colonial architecture, and ancient Aztec ruins intertwine with the city's diverse urban life. From its lively street food culture and vibrant large-scale murals to the leafy suburbs and dynamic markets, Mexico City is a place where you'll never get bored. On arrival, a private driver will meet you at the airport for a transfer to the 5-star Mondrian, a sophisticated stay at the crossroads of two of the city's best neighborhoods, Roma and Condesa.

Check into your room, then set out to explore Condesa. Stroll through the green streets, wandering by lush parks, chic boutiques, and local taquerías. Save room for this evening, when you'll meet a private guide and venture to nearby Narvarte, a suburb known for its tacos. Start at a taquería specializing in "volcanoes," a crispy tortilla cooked over charcoal, topped with cheese and poblano peppers. Then, try tacos al pastor and suadero tacos from top street vendors. Discover Mexico City's lively cantina culture, and end the evening with a private small-batch artisanal mezcal tasting.

Day 2: Explore the Centro Histórico, San Juan Market Tour

Admire the Metropolitan Cathedral on today's half-day tour of Mexico City's Centro Histórico
Plan your trip to Mexico
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After your first Mexican breakfast, meet a local guide for a captivating half-day private walking tour of the Mexican capital's historic center. Begin at the iconic Zócalo Square, the city's pulsating heart, where you'll admire other historic landmarks such as the Palacio National and Metropolitan Cathedral. Explore the ancient Aztec ruins at Templo Mayor and stroll down the vibrant Madero pedestrian street. Then, discover the Palacio de Iturbide, the grand Italianate Post Office, and the Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts).

There's no need to grab lunch—this afternoon, you'll discover the gastronomic roots of the Aztec capital with a visit to the Mercado de San Juan. Famous chefs and local shoppers flock to the city's top food market in search of the best produce, meats, and specialties on offer. Your knowledgeable guide will lead you on a private half-day tour where you'll taste exotic fruits, cheeses, jams, coffee, and more while learning about Mexican cuisine and market history. Then, you'll follow in the footsteps of locals and try traditional delicacies such as pulque, tacos, and seafood tostadas.

Day 3: Cruise the Canals of Xochimilco, Explore the Casa Azul Museum

Xochimilco canals
Hop in a colorful trajinera boat (Mexico City's answer to gondolas) and cruise through pre-Hispanic waterways

Did you know the chinampa is the most efficient and sustainable agricultural system in the world? Today, you'll journey to Xochimilco to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site and admire the genius of pre-Hispanic agriculture. Aboard a traditional boat, you'll cruise the canals of Xochimilco with a private guide, who will point out endemic birds as you journey toward an ecotourism center. You'll pass chinampas (small, stationary, artificial islands built on a freshwater lake for farming) and learn about this ancient agricultural method, then stop to visit a refuge for the endemic axolotl, an endangered amphibian.

This afternoon, you'll step into the home—and world—of legendary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. An English-speaking local guide will take you to Casa Azul, her former home, where you'll explore the legacy of her life and work through a collection of paintings, photographs, and personal items. Step inside her kitchen, bedroom, and other intimate spaces where Frida and artist Diego Rivera once lived. See personal objects, such as her wardrobe and jewelry, then explore the peaceful courtyard garden with its plants, fountains, and sculptures.

Day 4: Sacred Mexico City: Basilica of Guadalupe Tour & Teotihuacán 

One of the greatest mysteries of Teotihuacán is that no one knows where the huge population that lived here eventually ended up
No one knows why the people of Teotihuacán abandoned the site

Discover one of the most visited and sacred places in Mexico City this morning: the Basilica of Guadalupe. Here on the Cerro del Tepeya in the 16th century, an Indigenous Christian claimed a visitation by the Virgin Mary, and a shrine was built in her honor atop an ancient Aztec site. Your private guide will take you by the impressive basilica built in the 1970s on the way north to one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico.

Also known as "The City of the Gods," Teotihuacán is a vast archaeological complex and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Together with your private guide, you'll wander down the Avenue of the Dead, which runs down the center of this once-flourishing pre-Columbian city. The avenue links the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, famous for its murals and pillars; the 138-foot-high (42 m) Pyramid of the Moon; and the Pyramid of the Sun, which has 365 steps (one for each day of the year). After soaking up the otherworldly wonders of this fascinating site, you'll return to the city.

Day 5: National Museum of Anthropology, Depart Mexico City

National Museum of Anthropology
See a fragments of ancient pre-Columbian ruins in the courtyard of the  National Museum of Anthropology

Your short trip to Mexico City ends today. If you have time for one more adventure, squeeze in a half-day visit to the expansive National Museum of Anthropology. While you could easily spend multiple days exploring the modern museum, a great place to focus is on the ground floor, where you can dive into Mexico's rich pre-Columbian history, learn more about the Aztec and Maya empires, and view amazing artifacts from Indigenous cultures.

Later, when the time is right, a private driver will take you to the airport in time for your flight home or onward. Safe travels!

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Map of Ultimate Mexico City Luxury - 5 Days
Map of Ultimate Mexico City Luxury - 5 Days