Beach Day on the Chalkidiki Peninsula near Thessaloniki

Chalkidiki is the picturesque region and peninsula that sits southeast of Thessaloniki. It features three "legs" that jut out into the Aegean Sea. The area offers incredible beaches, many with crystal-clear waters away from currents. It's an ideal location for a relaxing day at the sea!

Mostly protected by winds, the beaches of Chalkidiki feature shallow, turquoise waters. For the best experience, drive along the eastern side of the "second leg" (as the locals call it). You'll have plenty of options for beaches with perfect swimming conditions and beautiful surroundings. Choose from Vourvourou, Armenistis, and Kavourotrypes beaches, all excellent choices.

Continue clockwise and make your next stop at Porto Koufo, an oddly shaped bay that creates what looks like an enclosed sea. Although not ideal for a swim, it's the perfect spot for lunch! The bay has some of the best fish taverns in Chalkidiki.

Before heading back, stop at Nikiti and take home the delicious revani (sweet cake with orange and rose flavors) accompanied by their special ice cream called dondurma.