Jewish Monuments of Thessaloniki Walking Tour

Photo from Grekaddict
Explore the Jewish monuments of Thessaloniki and learn about the once substantial community that called the city home. The Jewish history in Thessaloniki dates back two thousand years, where a large population lived until WWII. Then, because of its thriving Jewish identity, the city was known as the "Mother of Israel."

As you stroll through the streets, your guide will share the city's history, culture, and Jewish heritage. Walk along the famous seafront promenade, pass traditional tavernas, and observe patrons of Thessaloniki's always-lively cafes and bars. You'll make stops at two Jewish synagogues (both still functioning), plus the Holocaust Monument commemorating Jews who lost their lives in concentration camps.

The neighborhood of Valaoritou is significant to the Jewish community in Thessaloniki. Your guide will discuss various aspects of the city's Jewish history as you walk the streets and admire the architecture. 

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