The Theater at Philippi
The Theater at Philippi

Guided Tour of Philippi & Kavala, Thessaloniki

Explore the archeological site of Philippi and the historic old town of Kavala with a private tour.


Explore the archeological site of Philippi and the historic old town of Kavala with a private tour. Philippi is a 2-hour drive east of Thessaloniki, so you'll start the day along a scenic route through northern Greece's countryside. Upon arrival at the ruins, your guide will lead you through this ancient site, sharing its history and cultural significance along the way.

The artifacts and ruins at Philippi span centuries, taking you from the Roman to the Byzantine Empires. In 49/50 CE, St. Paul founded the first European Christian church at Philippi. You'll wander through three magnificent basilicas, the site's famous octagonal complex, and the cathedral dedicated to St. Paul. All were built from the 4th to 6th centuries.

As you head toward the site's museum, you'll admire the old city walls, the Acropolis, the theater, and the forum. After enjoying guided and free time in the museum, you'll head south to the seaside city of Kavala. Enjoy a guided tour of the old town, the aqueduct, and the Church of St. Nicholas.

Before returning to Thessaloniki, stroll along Kavala's promenade and grab lunch at a seaside terrace.
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