Explore Ano Poli in Thessaloniki

Yedi Kule
Explore the twisting streets of Ano Poli, Thessaloniki's historic Upper Town. Many of the city's main defensive structures sit here, as its hilltop position strategically overlooks much of Thessaloniki and the coastline. It's also the only section of the city to have survived the Great Fire in 1917, preserving its history and maintaining a portion of the original city walls.

Start at the Castle of Thessaloniki, also known as Heptapyrgion or Yedi Kule. This Byzantine-era fortress is well-preserved, featuring several towers overlooking the city's acropolis. As you walk downhill, you'll pass through the Portara and the old city walls, making your way to the Vlatodon Monastery, another site from the Byzantine era. This hilltop temple offers preserved frescoes dating back centuries, plus several religious icons and city views. 

Next, twist through the old streets and head toward the Church of Osios David, a fifth-century Christian church. Here you'll find a mosaic of Ezekiel's vision, medieval frescoes, and a rare depiction of an adolescent Christ. Your last stop is the Alaca Imaret, a fifteenth-century Ottoman monument and former mosque. Today, the building is still decorated with its original ceiling frescoes and now hosts art exhibitions.

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