Mythology Tour in the Foothills of Mt. Olympus

Litochoro, Mount Olympus in background
Discover Greek mythologies and stories of Alexander the Great on a history tour from Dion to Litochoro. You'll start with a visit to the village of Dion, set at the foot of Mount Olympus. Here, archeologists have unearthed ruins from an ancient Macedonian civilization.

As you explore this archeological site, you'll hear stories of King Philip II and his son Alexander the Great, plus many other historical figures. View rare artifacts and visit sanctuaries of Olympic Gods and ancient Greek and Roman theaters. As you continue to Litchoro, your guide will answer the question of why people believed Mt. Olympus was the residence of the 12 Gods.

Litchoro is a charming mountain town with incredible views. Your guide will take you on a short walking tour, then leave you with some free time to explore on your own. Relax and enjoy a traditional Greek coffee as you take in the scenery.

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