Discover the Diapontia Islands from Corfu

Enjoy exploring one of the three small islands, together called the Diapontia Islands, off Corfu's northwestern coast. All offer amazing beaches, interesting history, and delicious local cuisine. From Agios Stefanos, the “Pegasus” ferry will take you to either Mathraki, Othoni, or Erikousa.

If you opt to visit Mathraki Island, the ferry takes just 45 minutes, as it's the southernmost and smallest of the Diapontia Islands. As soon as you arrive at Plakes, Mathraki's small harbor, you'll feel the peace, calm, and relaxed energy of the islands. With only 20 permanent residents, the island is quiet, rugged, and the perfect reprieve from busy tourist destinations.

Nearby, you'll find Portelo Beach, a more than one-mile (2 km) stretch of sandy coastline extending the length of the island's eastern side. In addition, Marthraki hosts a large local festival in July, where you can eat, drink, and dance all night.

The largest and westernmost island of the Diapontia complex is Othoni Island (or Othonoi). It sits as the westernmost point of Greece and is the island of the nymph Calypso as described in "The Odyssey." First, you'll sail to Ammos (meaning sand), the island's port, and where you'll find its main beach with shallow, crystal-clear waters. Then, weather permitting, you can take the boat from Ammos to Aspri Ammos (meaning white sand), where you can swim. According to Greek mythology, this is where the cave of Calypso was located!

Even though you'll find taverns serving delicious local meals, guesthouses, coffee shops, sunbeds, umbrellas, and a mini-market on the beach, the island still feels secluded away from the buzz of the modern world. Perhaps Ulysses felt isolated, as he was trapped on the island of Calypso for seven years!

Lastly, Erikousa Island is the northernmost of the Diapontia Islands and the one with the fastest growth. Here you'll find a newly constructed marina, attracting sailboats and yachts from across Europe and beyond. In addition, the luxury and Italian-owned Acantha Boutique Hotel sits on the east side of the sandy bay. Along with the turquoise waters, the hotel has contributed to Erikousa’s popularity in Italy.

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