Family Cultural Experience in Zagori

Photo from MAMAKITA
Be a local for the day and experience what life was like for those living in the rural stone villages of Zagori. This family-friendly activity takes place in the traditional cottage of a historic 19th-century mansion. Your host Lena will help you understand life in Zagorochoria (the 46 villages of Zagori).

In Zagori, life is simple and slow-paced, and Lena is happy to give you an authentic experience! To start, you'll learn to weave on a traditional loom and make a natural tincture to dye wool, as the locals still do in Zagori. Then, discover the process of felt and create your own keepsakes, such as a little cushion or decorative frame.

Next, you'll meet the cottage's chickens and collect the day’s eggs to make a traditional Zagori pie. Lena will need your help making bread for the day, so you'll test your skills kneading the dough and watching it bake in the oven. After all your hard work, you'll enjoy a fresh meal in the peaceful garden.

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