Food & Culture Tour in Thessaloniki

Photo from Grekaddict
Discover Thessaloniki through your tastebuds on this delicious food tour through the city. A guide with extensive knowledge of Greek food and culture will help you eat your way through breakfast and lunch like a local. Along the way, enjoy learning about Greek food, customs, and traditions.

You'll start your day with a traditional Greek coffee and a sweet pastry called bougatsa. This is a typical breakfast for any local city dweller. Then, you'll walk around Thessaloniki, making several short stops to try different delicacies and learn the history and culture of Greek cuisine. Get a behind-the-scenes look at bakeries, grills, restaurants, cafes, and food shops. Along the way, you'll enjoy a total of four drinks and 14 bites of sweet and savory specialties.

Before ending your tour, stop at the city's lively open market. Here, you'll discover local culture and unique traditional flavors. Chat with the farmers and artisans, and buy some foodie souvenirs to take home.

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