Mushroom Workshop & Dinner in Zagori

Zagori mushroom rice
Discover the historical and gastronomic significance of mushrooms in the Greek diet. You'll join your host, Mr. Vassilis, in the village of Vitsa at Kanela & Garyfallo Restaurant. As a professional mushroom hunter, your host will share his knowledge about various textures, characteristics, and flavor profiles. 

As you learn about the different types of mushrooms in Zagori and what distinguishes them, you'll also discover how to cook them. Your host will reveal how weather impacts mushrooms and their historic role in the region's dietary habits. 

You'll enjoy a unique culinary experience dedicated to mushrooms. The restaurant is a favorite amongst the locals as the chefs serve traditional Zagorian recipes with a modern twist. Enjoy tasting the different types of mushrooms you discussed earlier in the day while relaxing in a cozy environment.

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