Palaces of Corfu Tour

Courtyard of the Achilleion Palace
Corfu has a rich history of aristocratic elegance, thanks to its numerous royal families. You'll visit the island's most imposing palaces, many surrounded by nature, impressive views, and fresh air from the Ionian Sea.

Your first stop is Achilleion Palace, built by Princess Sisi. This Empress of Austria was known as a woman obsessed with beauty. Because Sisi admired Greek mythology and culture, she designed the entire palace to honor Achilles, representing strength and vulnerability.

Next, visit the majestic "Old Palaces," built by the British Empire and named "Palace of Saints Michael and George." A guide will lead you down the mansion's complex of halls and buildings, featuring Roman architectural styles and captivating gardens.

The final stop on this tour is Mon Repos Palace, situated on the hill where archaeologists claim Corfu's ancient city once perched. This palace was a gift from a British commissioner to his beloved Corfiot wife.

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