Day Trip to Grazalema & Zahara de la Sierra, Ronda

Visit two of Ronda's most scenic White Villages: Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra, known for incredible nature and vistas.


Ronda is the perfect hub for exploring Andalusia's famed White Villages, Pueblos Blancos. There are many to see in the area, but this private excursion focuses on two of the most scenic towns not far from Ronda: Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra. You'll find Grazalema tucked into the scenic Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, and Zahara de la Sierra sits on the Zahara-El Gastor Reservoir with its towering castle. Both villages offer unique experiences, including hiking, scenic vistas, and cultural activities.


  • Enjoy a hike to a viewpoint and historical ruins in Grazalema
  • Walk through the charming streets and learn about the history of these White Villages
  • Taste a few local products in Zahara de la Sierra
  • Take in the views of the national park's many mountain peaks

Know before you go

4 hours
Recommended for
All ages
Food & Drink
Tasting local delicacies like almonds and olive oil

What you'll do

Get to know Ronda a little better by visiting two of its region's White Villages. This area has many historical influences, including Roman, Visigoth, and Berber, so many of these towns have unique elements, such as caves, cave-like homes, and rock paintings. During the Roman times, these villages began painting some of the buildings white, a practical solution to stave off the region's heat, as white reflects light and heat. But it wasn't until the 14th century, when the plague hit the area, that residents painted all the buildings' exteriors and interiors white, believing it would ward off disease. 

Your guide and driver will pick you up in Ronda and start the journey to your first destination, Grazalema. The town gets its name from the surrounding mountains, Sierra de la Grazalema. Though set high in the mountains and forests, this region is famous for being the most humid pocket of Spain. So even in Grazalema, you'll find unique flora and wildlife, including cork trees, mountain goats, deer, vultures, eagles, and more. Its main appeal is the beautiful nature, but there are several things to enjoy in the village. 

There are a few viewpoints to enjoy, including El Tajo, which isn't far from the hike up to the Mirador Del Santo viewpoint and the ruins of Ermita del Calvario, the 18th-century Calvario Hermitage. The trail is pretty short, so you can easily enjoy this scenic walk. Though uphill, it's only steep in a few spots, and both sites have places to sit and relax or enjoy a snack. You'll also enjoy the town itself, visiting the main square, Plaza de España, the colorful Iglesia de San José, and one of the town's famous facades, Casa de los Cactus, a beautiful white-washed building with a well-known cactus covering it. 

From Grazalema, your guide will drive you through the park to Zahara de la Sierra, passing the Puerto de las Palomas at over 3,000 feet (1,000 m). You'll stop here to enjoy the views. To the north are several mountain peaks, including Garganta Verde, Algodonales, the Sierra of Lijar, and Prieto. To the south, you can see the sheer cliff face of the Tajo of Ronda and the Sierra of Snow.

Continue to Zahara de la Sierra, known for its incredible scenery and famous for its olive oil. Here you'll enjoy tasting some of the local products, including almonds and olive oil. Zahara is a great spot to enjoy a meal, thanks to its gastronomical roots. Enjoy walking through the winding streets and stop at one of its many viewpoints. The vistas from atop the castle are particularly nice and worth the climb, but you can also enjoy the reservoir scenery from the Puerta de la Villa. Or, ask your guide to take you out of town to get a killer view of the village and water at the Mirador Zahara de la Sierra. At the end of the excursion, your driver will take you back to Ronda.

What's included

  • Private driver and guide
  • Guided walk in Grazalema
  • Guided walk in Zahara de la Sierra
  • Tasting a few delicacies in Zahara

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Like what you see?

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