Visit a Rural Village in Andalucía


Andalucía is known for its quaint, charming, and rural white villages. Spend some time venturing into the countryside and embrace what life is like for these villages.

You'll start at a small mountain village and meet with a friendly resident—your guide and host for the day! Together, you'll wander through the surrounding countryside via walking trails and learn about the rural lifestyle, the area's seasonal farms, and the beloved quality products. You're likely to encounter donkeys, dogs, cats, and local neighbors as you take in some breathtaking views.

From here, make your way into the small village itself and let your local guide show you around. This is where you'll visit a small winery, restored olive mill, and local breadmaker who bakes with an 18th-century oven. End the trip by meeting your guide's family and sitting down for a sumptuous homemade lunch. This personal and touching travel experience is hard to beat!

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