One of the most popular white villages in Southern Spain, Ronda sits atop a dramatic cliff, providing stunning views of its surrounding countryside. You'll find a mix of relaxed vibes and exciting outdoor adventures in Ronda. Explore the Old Town, listen to Spanish guitar, and learn about ancient winemaking techniques while savoring a glass or two. Then head out into the countryside to climb the Via Ferrata or peruse charming villages.

Getting Oriented

Enjoy mountain views in Ronda.

Southern Spain is known for its gleaming white villages, and Ronda is one of the most popular. Although small, the town offers several attractions, including a wine-making history that dates back to the Roman Empire, gorgeous countryside complete with Via Ferrata climbs, and a historic Old Town that clings atop a 328-foot (100-m) gorge. In addition, many visitors enjoy viewing the 17th-century "Old Bridge" and 18th-century "New Bridge" that connect the city's two sides over the El Tajo Gorge, making the town even more scenic. 

While in Ronda, you can learn about the unique history of the town and region, adding in a few cultural experiences like listening to Spanish guitar or visiting a local winery. But many visitors also like to use Ronda as a mini-hub, as you can go to neighboring "white villages" and enjoy outdoor recreation in the nearby hills and mountains.

Culinary Discoveries

Ronda's culinary claim to fame is its ancient wine-making history. Since the Roman Empire, this region of Andalucía, called the Serranía de Ronda, has been making delicious wines, particularly reds, though you can also find whites and rosés.

Cooking Class & Tour at a Vineyard

Learn traditional recipes while cooking in a beautiful vineyard.

After a walking tour through Ronda, you'll head to a vineyard for a cooking class. Start with a jaunt around the estate, where you'll learn about the area's grape varietals, plus growing and bottling processes. Sip a glass or two while your host takes you through the vines, savoring city views. Then settle into your cooking class, which features local and seasonal ingredients to complete traditional Andalusian recipes. Read More

Visit a Local Winery

Learn all about Ronda's wine industry.

Dive deep into the vinification of Ronda by visiting a local winery. Although the area is known for delicious varietals (including Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and more), plus an ancient wine-making history, it hosts a relatively recent surge in popularity. Still, you'll find about 25 boutique wineries with enthusiastic and passionate growers. Enjoy a few tastings of the area's beloved reds and whites as you learn more about the processes and take in the scenery. Read More

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Culture in Ronda

Exploring Ronda's culture makes a trip worth it. The town itself is indescribable in its beauty, architecture, and countryside views. Plus, don't forget you're in Southern Spain, so you can add some tapas or a Spanish guitar experience into the mix.

Walking Tour of Ronda

Explore the historic beauty of Ronda.

Enjoy a walking tour of Ronda, once described by Ernest Hemingway as the most romantic city in Spain. As you walk through the twisting streets and make your way over bridges across the scenic El Tajo Gorge, you'll understand the city's appeal! Highlights include the city's oldest neighborhood, the San Francisco barrio, plus the historical Arabic Medina and the famously well-preserved 13th-century Arab Baths. Read More

Spanish Guitar Experience

Watch a show at the Ronda Guitar House.

Visit the Spanish Guitar House in Ronda to enjoy a Spanish guitar concert. The venue opened in 2015 and offered daily shows by resident guitarist Pace Seco. In a beautiful Baroque concert hall with stunning countryside views, you'll enjoy several musical styles, including classical, romantic, flamenco, jazz, and contemporary. All feature traditional Andalusian music from Spanish composers. Read More

Explore the Scenery

One of Ronda's biggest appeals is its scenery and countryside. Head out of the town and explore some other Andalusian villages or get active with a hike or Via Ferrata climb in the surrounding mountains.

Day Trip to a Rural Andalusian Village

Discover a picturesque rural white village in Andalusia.

Get out of the city and walk through Ronda's rural countryside to a traditional Andalusian village. Your guide and host is a local villager himself, and he'll take you to his mountain town via walking trails. Along the way, learn about life in the countryside and what makes these hamlets special. Then, sit down with your host and his family for a traditional lunch. Read More

Via Ferrata Climbing Adventure in Ronda

Enjoy the adrenaline-pumping rush of the Via Ferrata climb.

Get a unique perspective of Ronda's countryside with a Via Ferrata climb. Via Ferrata is found all over Europe, once used by workers to fortify cliff walls. Today, these abandoned ladder systems built into cliffsides serve as a fun, exciting, and safe experience for all ages. Enjoy this unique outdoor climbing course and savor the incredible views. Read More 

How to Craft the Perfect Ronda Itinerary

Views from beautiful Ronda.

You can easily add Ronda to your itinerary if you'd like to explore Southern Spain and its famed Andalucía region. Although set in a more rural part of the country, the town is still well-connected by roadways. As a result, travelers who visit cities like Seville, Marabella, and Málaga typically add Ronda to their list. 

How many days you should spend in Spain depends on which regions you'd like to explore. Andalucía has a nearly endless list of things to do, so you could simply enjoy a week or two in Southern Spain. But luckily, Spain has an extensive highway system, high-speed trains, and numerous regional airports. It's easy to combine Ronda and other southern highlights with central or northern cities, like Madrid, Valencia, or Barcelona.

If you'd like to see the country north to south, two weeks in Spain (or more if you can!) is ideal. 

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