Rafting the Voidomatis River in Zagori

Enjoy an easy rafting adventure on the Voidomatis River. You'll ride a series of white rapids as you descend into the Voidomatis River Valley in the Vikos-Aoos National Park. The crystal-clear waters and surrounding scenery are great reasons to explore the nature of Zagori.

The Voidomatis River runs through the area's famous Vikos Gorge, following a route lined with old plane trees and traditional stone bridges. As the river merges with the Aoos River in the Konitsa Valley, you'll find one of Greece's most stunning natural environments. Enjoy views of dense forests, steep mountain cliffs, and deep ravines.

As you make your way to the starting point at Aristi-Papigo Bridge, enjoy views of Mt. Tymphi, the Astraka towers, and the village of Papigo. Then begin to paddle down the river, making a stop to admire the 16th-century Agioi Anargyroi Monastery. You'll also glide under the old Klidonia stone bridge, over a small artificial waterfall, and enjoy plenty of time to swim in the river pools.

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Itineraries with Rafting the Voidomatis River in Zagori

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