Tapas, Taverns & History Tour in Madrid

Stroll through Madrid and stop to taste eight different tapas and four different drinks at historic taverns and bars.


Pair classic tapas with century-old taverns and Madrid's history as a local guide shows you how you can't tell the city's story without its food. Your guide makes this experience unique by blending Spanish food and history, making them come to life in tapas bars, historic plazas, and twisting streets. You'll learn stories of kings and political wars with just as much passion as discovering the origins of the country's famed garlic shrimp and tomato bread.


  • Enjoy a 45-minute guided walk through the most historic area of Madrid
  • Stop at iconic sites and plazas to learn about the city's history
  • Visit four locally owned taverns and discover the origins of going out for tapas
  • Taste classic dishes like grilled mushrooms, garlic in oil, and padrón peppers
  • Sip authentic drinks like vermouth (no sangria here!) and local wine

Know before you go

4 hours
Recommended for
All ages
Small group
Food & Drink
Dinner Included

What you'll do

A historic walk combined with classic tapas is an excellent way to dive deeper into Madrid's culture and heritage. You'll start by meeting your guide in Piazza de las Descalzas opposite the Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales. You can't miss the ornate entryway that sticks out against the modern building facades. The door, the Portada de Pedro de Ribera de la Capilla en la fachada del Monte de Piedad, is the only part remaining of a historic Catholic temple.

After chatting with your guide, you'll start your stroll through the city, listening to stories of the past. In total, you'll walk about 1.7 miles (2.8km), or 45 minutes, making plenty of stops along the way. Your first is a historic tavern connected to the Spanish Civil War. You’ll sip vermouth and try a dish the bar has been serving for over a century. Learn what a tapeo (going out for tapas) really means and the story behind this quintessential tradition.

Continue walking through the oldest part of Madrid, making your way to the Royal Palace. This area is known as the Habsburg neighborhood, and it's filled with hidden squares and fascinating stories that your guide will happily share. You'll learn how Madrid went from just a small town to the capital of Spain, which, at that time, was one of the world's greatest empires. 

Your next tapas stop is a bar known for its grilled mushrooms. While enjoying this beloved snack paired with another popular tapas dish, padrón peppers, you'll sip a proper locals' drink. This will prepare you for your third stop to taste one of the city's signature plates, gambas al ajillo (shrimp in oil). This family-run tavern opened its doors in 1906 and has been in business ever since, making itself a local favorite. Pair your shrimp with a glass of wine from the family's own vineyard, then continue your walk through Madrid. 

Your final stop is a hidden bar mostly popular with local Madrileños, as it's one of the city's last complete traditional tapas spots. The energy is part of the experience, so your guide will help you squeeze in and join the others while snacking on more classic dishes. Then, your guide will drop you off at the Puerto del Sol in the heart of the city.

Start times

  • Daily
    6:30 pm

What's included

  • Visiting four family-run tapas bars
  • Eight tapas and four drinks (enough for a full dinner)
  • Guided walking tour through historic Madrid