Vineyard Visit & Wine Tasting in Zagori

Photo from Domaine Glinavos
Enjoy a wine tasting at the acclaimed vineyard of Domaine Glinavos, nestled in the picturesque Zagorian village of Zitsa. Here, you'll find several refined and elegant wines from certified Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) varieties. Start with a warm welcome and tour the family-owned winery with a specialist. As you stroll the vines, learn about the different varietals and indigenous grapes featured at the estate. 

Next, head to the production area and discover grape extraction processes, plus blending, aging, and storage. Here, you'll visit the aging caves (cellar) and the bottling facilities, discovering how the estate stores their most precious bottles. Then, start your tasting! As you sip, learn more about the wine production process, including the significance of the Debina region's PDO varieties. Your host will also share tasting notes and teach you how to distinguish the different flavors in each delicious glass. Finally, pair your tasting with a plate of local delicacies.

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