Visit the Museums of Heraklion

Photo from Archeological Museum of Crete
A city of rich history on an island featuring a wealth of historical, cultural, and natural importance is bound to have some amazing museums! Heraklion is no exception and provides visitors with various galleries and institutions. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from the following suggestions:

  • Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. Heraklion is home to one of the most renowned archeological museums in Europe. Although it makes an excellent combination with the nearby Palace of Knossos, the museum is worth a visit on its own. It houses artifacts from all periods of Cretan prehistory and history. Covering a chronological span of over 5,500 years, exhibits range from the Neolithic period to Roman times. The museum prides itself on its unique Minoan collection, which includes masterpieces of Minoan art. It's rightly considered the best museum highlighting Minoan culture.
  • Aquaworld Aquarium. Animal lovers will enjoy this institution, as it's the only reptile rescue center in Crete. Most of the animals are rescued, making a new home at this institution. There are several species from Crete and worldwide, which visitors can view up close (some you can even touch!). You'll see snakes, lizards, turtles, fish, and other kinds of sea creatures.
  • Natural History Museum of Crete. This museum operates within the Faculty of Science of the University of Crete. Here you can learn all about Crete's natural wealth, as well as that of the rest of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean region. It contains five departments (zoological, botanical, anthropological, paleontological-geological, and mineralogical) and offers a diverse collection of the region's flora and fauna.
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