9 day tour of Jordan

  Group of 8 friends visited Jordan in April 2018

“We have 9 days for a highlights tour of Jordan. The "Experience Jordan itinerary" on your website looks great but I feel I need to spend more time in Petra so maybe add an extra day there. What kind of hotel accommodation do you guys normally include in your tours? As far as camping goes, is there a place to shower?”

Andy Nurse, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Experience Jordan Tour - 8 Days.

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Experience Jordan Tour - 8 Days

Day 1: Arrival at Airport - Amman
Day 2: Amman City Tour - Experience the Capital
Day 3: Amman - Kerak - Shobak Castle - Petra by Night - Petra
Day 4: Petra - Petra Full Day Visit - Petra
Day 5: Petra - Wadi Rum - Camel Ride -Jeep tour - Wadi Rum
Day 6: Wadi Rum - Aqaba Boat Ride & BBQ - Dead Sea
Day 7: Dead Sea - Mount Nebo - Madaba - Amman
Day 8: Amman - Jerash - Ajloun - Meal in Family Home - Amman
Day 9: Amman - Queen Alia International Airport - Departure

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Hi Hazel,

I'm Andy and I will be your travel specialist in Jordan.

I'm excited to see that you're interested in our 'Experience Jordan Tour'. It's a great way to see the majority of the highlights in Jordan.

I recommend two days to get the most out of your time in Petra. I've been to Petra quite a few times and I still haven't seen all of it! If you're interested, we could have you do Petra by night the first day, and then then second day you can go for a hike to the main attractions throughout the site.

Also, please let me know what kind of accommodation you're interested in. Your options range from 3-star to 5-star/luxury. Speak soon!


Hi Andy,

Nice to meet you! I am in the process of looking and comparing Jordan 
tours. The sample itinerary posted on your Kimkim website caught my eye and 
I curious to know a ball park price on how much this tour will cost. We 
have a certain budget to meet. As mentioned there are 8 of us in my group 
but 6 are ready to book. We would like to stay at least at a 3 star and 
above accommodation. My major requirements to be included in my itinerary 
are 2 nights in Petra, overnight camp at Wadi Rum, 4X4 jeep ride through 
the desert, camel ride, Float at the Dead Sea and Snorkel at the Red Sea. 
Having a Bedouin family host a meal would be a delightful addition too as 
in the itinerary offered by your tour. Thank you so much!

I have been eager to visit Jordan for some time now and picked to travel during Spring because of the weather and from what I read, flowers are blooming all over the desert making the landscape even more beautiful that time of the year. I really do want to make this trip special and want to soak in as much history and culture with assistance of a great guide to share with us all his/her knowledge and local insights about Jordan. Also, Petra is the last of the 7 wonders of the world that I have left to cross off my list so I want to make sure I get to experience it the proper way without going overboard with our budget. Thanks again for looking into this.

Our group will have a private car, driver and guide to have throughout your stay in Jordan. Your tour will be completely private, so all activities, transportation and accommodation will be tailored to your group specifically. No other groups will be joining you while you're on your tour.

I have looked more into the details of the itinerary and have a couple of questions: For the full day City tour in Amman, is the Umayyad Palace and Hercules Temple included to visit? As for the drive to Karak heading towards Petra, how long is that drive? It states as time permits, we will be able to spend some time in Karak and Shobak castle. I hope there's enough time. For full day Petra tour, how long will the guide be with us? Besides the main attraction of Siq and Treasury, will there be time to see Little Petra? or maybe hike to the High Place of Sacrifice? I just want to soak in as much as I can.

I answer the itinerary questions first. That great that your asking these questions, I always enjoy it when customers really care about trying to see as much as they can. 
1. Yes, those two places are included 
2. The Drive is around 4-4.5 hours from Amman to Petra with visiting Kerak. Shobak is a smaller castle in the same style (also Crusader) to Kerak. So it depends how much time you want to spend visiting Karak castle, traffic, what time you start in the morning. But yes, you can tour Shobak castle that day by just asking the driver to take a stop there. 
3. For Petra the standard price for guides covers around 3 hours and covers the main trail ending kind of at the lowest point by the Basin Restaurant and Daughters Palace. 
4. You could then hike on your own to the Monestary, which is kind of the standard add on if you want to do more than just the main trail. If you are really fit and start early, you can also do the high point of sacrifice and the main trail. If you would like a guide for these, it is a little bit more.
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Travelers Review

Everything on this trip was great except for the mishap with the Visa situation upon our arrival and the pick up from the airport. Also, our last hotel was changed and the hotel didn't have a double bed option in the non-smoking room. My roomate and i had to share a bed.

I have been wanting to go to Jordan and have done a lot of research and comparison between different tour operators. I have also considered just renting a car and doing it on my own since I want the experience to be as intimate as possible and not be stuck with a big tour group. Thankfully, I came across Kimkim's 8 days Experience Jordan Tour which offered the type of itinerary I was looking for and also offered a fair price as a private tour. The communication platform of Kimkim worked great for our group and Andy Nurse, our tour specialist was able to answer all our questions and concerns on a timely manner. He was the one responsible to set up our tour and was very patient with all the changes and adjustments we made until the last minute. Joost Schreve and Alex Buri also came to our rescue to make sure our needs were attended to. They all worked well as a team.

There were 8 of us in our group and everyone came back home safely and full of amazing memories and adventures created during our tour of Jordan. We were also happy with our tour guide, Abdallah As'ad, who gave us an insight about Jordan's culture & history through out our tour. He was easy going, patient, knowledgable, accommodating and a great company to be with.

As far as the negative side, the only hiccup I have experienced was during our arrival at the airport. The 4 of us out of the 8 in the group arrived a day earlier at the airport. The representative who was supposed to meet us and process our visas failed to show up. It was late at night so we got a bit frantic not knowing if we were going to get picked up or not. We waited for about 20 minutes just incase they were running late before we decided that we needed to get a hold of somebody from the company. Fortunately, we were able to call the main office based out of California and with the time difference, the office was open at that time and that was when Alex Buri stepped in to help us out. He got a hold of Andy for us and got things straightened out from there. The airport representative never made it so we got instructed to buy our own visas which later got reimbursed by the company. It set us back almost an hour until we got picked up by our driver to take us to our hotel. The rest of our group who arrived the following day had no issues with their airport transport.

Overall, I recommend Kimkim and I would chose to book again with them for future travels.

BTW, since we arrived a day early, we were able to do an extra activity by having Kimkim arrange our R/T transfer to Wadi Mujib Resereve. We did the Siq trail Hike and I highly recommend this thrilling activity if you are looking for something different to do while in Amman. The book Lonely Planet quoted one of the reserve ranger describe this hike as "Petra with water".

The trip was simply amazing.. The online scheduling department, the driver and the guide were all top notch. I could not have hoped for a better experience. Honestly, what a great country, experience and team that are at Kimkim... Thank you to all of you for all of your effort.