Ancient Sites of Palermo and Taormina

  A couple visited Italy in May 2017

“I want to split my week between Palermo and Taormina, with a focus on day trips to ancient sites and wines of the region. We would like it to be a leisurely trip with an English-speaking guide.”

Giorgia Carraffa, a local specialist from Italy, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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The Best of Sicily in a week!

Day 1: Palermo
Day 2: Palermo and Monreale
Day 3: Agrigento
Day 4: Villa Romana del Casale - Taormina
Day 5: Syracuse
Day 6: Catania and the Ciclopi Riviera
Day 7: Departure
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Traveler Review

Small exception with one of the drivers but overall it was exceptional.

Giorgia was quick to respond with any question or issue.