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  A couple visited South Africa in August 2017

“Hello, we are a couple in our mid-twenties looking to go to Cape Town, South Africa for one and a half weeks to two weeks. We have a couple bucket list items listed below, and some other ones that strike our fancy if possible. We are looking to stay central to Cape Town, but do not mind traveling out of the city for excursions. Need assistance with flights, excursion coordinating, hotel booking, transportation to and from airport/excursions, etc. Thank you!!

Must do activities:
- shark cage diving
- safari
- beach bumming

Other activities interested in:
- Table Mountain
- Diamond Mine Tour
-Cape Malay Bo-Kaap
- Winelands
- Victoria Falls
-Boulder Beach (penguin encounter a plus)”

Howard Spencer-Wilson, a local specialist from South Africa, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Hi, thank you for your enquiry received. I would suggest visiting Cape Town inclusive of all tours as mentioned by you; then flying to Kruger for safari and ending with Victoria Falls. It is a nice 2 weeks trip and cover all areas/interests mentioned. Let me know if I can send you itinerary and cost based on my suggestions?

Thank you Howard! I would love to see your itenerary. Could you please itemize the costs just in case we decide not to plan all the excursions mentioned above? Additionally, if we chose not to go to Victoria Falls, are there any safaris nearby Cape Town that do not require air fare? Thank you!

wonderful to hear from you. Yes there are safaris nearby Cape Town, within driving distance, and some of the game reserves also have the BIG5. It would safe costs to do a trip Cape Town, Garden Route and Safari if you are keen on self-drive this is also a great option. Let me know if I should do both options for you.

as promised, here is option 1: based on Cape Town; Garden Route and Eastern Cape Safari. What I love about this trip is it ticks all the right boxes visiting Table Mountain & Cape Town City; Cape Peninsula; Wine Country; Shark Gage Diving all tours that is included while you are staying in Cape Town, then your self drive journey starts along the Garden Route visiting the Overberg; Little Karoo and Garden Route staying in Plettenberg Bay at the beach and ending off with a fantastic safari in the Eastern Cape Game Reserve at Amakhala Woodbury Lodge for 3 nights and they have a special running during August stay for 3 nights only pay for 2 nights which I have included in your price. Let me have your thoughts on Option 1.

We've review the first option, and really like what we see so far! Here is some quick feedback to see if we can incorporate: 
- We would like to shoot for around 10ish days, therefore could we cut of the following days from our itinerary: Ostrich Farm outing, remove one day on Plettenberg (leave 2 days at Plettenberg on the schedule), Remove one day/night from the Amakhala Safari (leaving 2 days and 1 night on the schedule). Thank you so much!!

Also, I am not sure where Boulders Beach is in relation to where we are staying in Cape Town, but if it is not too far, are we allowed to go out there during one of our afternoons there? Or do they only allow guided tours on that beach because of the penguins? Sorry for all the questions!

Boulders Beach is in Simons Town roughly 1 hour drive from the Waterfront where you will be staying. I have included a Private Full Day Cape Peninsula Tour on one of your days while in Cape Town which includes a visit to Boulders Beach to view the penguins. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Please find revised itinerary with price. I have taken out Oudshoorn, reduced Plettenberg Bay and Amakhala Safari each by 1 night. I would recommend not to cut more nights on this itinerary as it is not worth while to just do safari for 1 night or beach for 1 night. Look forward to your feedback.

Thanks Howard! This looks really great! I don't see the Boulders Beach included on the Pennisula Tour, so sorry for double asking on that one. But as long as it's on there I believe you :) We are looking at flights now. If we can't find a flight for the exact dates listed, are we able to use this same itnerary for other August dates when we book our flight? Thank you!

yes the visit to Boulders Beach is included on the Peninsula Tour, not to worry. Here is a paragraph copied from the Peninsula Tour: We will visit Boulders Beach for an exciting close up encounter with African Penguins. Regarding your dates chosen for August 2017, this was randomly chosen for the itinerary as I did not have exact dates to work with, so please let me know which dates you find for flights that works for you then I can check availability my side. You are able to use the exact same itinerary all depends on availability at the accommodations. Look forward to hearing from you again.

Hey Howard! After reviewing our itinerary in depth, I think we would prefer not to spend so much time driving. If possible, we are willing to cancel the Garden Route itinerary and find a safari a bit closer. We have no problem driving at all, just want to cut the drive time down. If there is one closer, we could spend one of the days originally planned in Plenterburg in Hermanus. That looks like a great place for whale watching and such. Let me know if there are any closer options. If not, we will stay with the one on the itinerary at the moment. Thank you!

Thank you for your reply. I have taken some of the driving out and made the time more relaxing for you. Please have a look at the suggested itinerary attached and let me know on your thoughts, as this is just a quote and no reservations have been made. We can still chop and change where needed to fit you best and if you want we can take the self-drive section out and make it a fully guided tour for you, but have a look and feel free to ask questions if you have....

I just finished reviewing the latest revision, and only have two minor changes to make: 
- Can we please remove Day 8. I believe we will only need 2 days in Hermanus. 
-Can you also throw in a recommended Whale Watching tour for Day 7? We may find one ourselves while we are there on Day 6, but perhaps an idea would be good to go off of. 
- Can you please remove Day 12. That will give us 2 morning and 2 evening safari drives, correct? I believe that will be enough. Then, we will depart the evening of Day 11 (Day 10 after the removal of Day 8).

Thanks so much Howard!

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I was very impressed with the excursion and hotel bookings. As well as it Guide Ian, with Paradise Touring. He as extremely helpful and knowledgeable about our trip. I would highly recommend Kimkim and Ian for anyone I know traveling to South Africa. Thank you!!

Very easy to work with, and accommodating no matter how many times we asked him to revise our itnerary.