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  Group of 4 friends visited Jordan in April 2017

“We are a group of three looking to cover the following places in our 6 days in Jordan. Our flights are already booked, thus restricted by the days noted. We are looking for private travel by car and staying in 3-4* accommodation. Rooms would be 1 single and 1 twin.

1 day Amman
1 day Jerash
2 days Petra
1 day Wadi Rum (with a possible desert overnight stay)
1 day for Dead Sea if possible


Carina Sunna, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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We would like to refine the itinerary.

Days 1&2 - please could you include a hotel for those days in Amman. 3 or 4*. Is the price of the guide included for Amman because the itinerary notes that the guide will show us places. Could you please explain a bit more?

Day 3 - is the price of the guide included in Jerash? Please could you include the hotel stay in Amman for this day.

Days 4&5 - the guide is included for both days?

Day 6 - we would like this to include time for walking (1-3 hours of exploration etc) so that we arrive at the camp in the evening. For the accommodation, which camp have you currently included in the price? We would prefer the night luxury camp.

Days 7&8 - We understand these are days for us to explore ourselves at the Dead Sea? Could you please provide some more alternative hotel options in the Dead Sea?

Day 8 - airport hotel stay in Amman - please could you change this to a 3* hotel.

Please could you update so that we can review the price again?

Thank you
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Traveler Review

Service was great, but the final information for arrival should have been sent through a couple of days earlier instead of me having to prompt the tour provider to send this through.