Eliat to Petra Tour and Wadi Rum

  A couple visited Jordan in June 2017

“We would like to be picked up in Eilat, driven to Petra, have a guide take us through Petra and spend the nite in Petra. The next day we would like to be driven to Wadi Rum, go on a Jeep tour, spend the nite in as authentic Bedouin tent as possible and in the afternoon be driven back to Eilat. I am 70 and my wife is 57. We are in moderately good health with no medical problems. I am very interested in archeology and history and the guide in Petra should be likewise.”

Bianca Abma, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Israel to Petra and Wadi Rum - 4 Days

Day 1: Arrival in Petra
Day 2: Full day exploring Petra
Day 3: Exploring Petra and transfer to Wadi Rum
Day 4: Visit Wadi Rum and return to Israel

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Bianca Abma
Hi,  my name is Bianca. I am based in Wadi Rum and would like to help you to plan your trip to Jordan.

I will send you a tour proposal for 3 days - 2 nights. As you mention to be very interested in archaeology and history I planned 1,5 day for Petra and 1 day for Wadi Rum.

Crossing the Israeli - Jordanian border
Crossing the border between Israel and Jordan is quite easy and normally takes anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes. I assume you both hold US passports? Then you can obtain your Jordan visa at the border. As you will stay in Jordan for 2 nights and visit Petra your visa will be for free and you will only pay 10 JD departure tax person. Therefore I recommend to not buy a visa prior to your arrival nor a Jordan Pass.

I suggested staying overnight outside in a 'cave'. This is the way Bedouin overnight when travelling. If this is too adventurous or discomforting for you, please let me know. Then I can arrange an overnight stay in one of the smaller Bedouin camps inside the protected area for you.

Let me know if this sounds like what you had in mind. And if you have any question or remark, please let me know.

Sunny greetings from Wadi Rum,
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Traveler Review

Everyone we had contact with was friendly, professional and spoke excellent English. Small hick up with a driver who overslept, but Bianca was right on it. The person who took us on the Jeep trip was excellent and was very knowledgeable about the area. I would highly recommend him.

Blanca was easy to get hold of and very responsive when we needed to contact her.