Full Moon in the Desert

  A couple visited Jordan in September 2017

“We are a laid back married couple that traveling Jordan for the 1st time for about 1 week. We are experienced international travelers, we take it easy paced, love to meet the people of different places and do try out the street foods. We checked a lunar calendar and think it might be fun to camp out in Wadi Rum on a full Moon - Thursday night the week we are in Jordan. We also want to see Petra (sun down, then overnight, then sunrise) and float in the dead sea and Amman and likely Jerash and the Dani if we can and of course somehow a handful of ancient and scenic things sprinkled between the bigger goals - we typically go alone in local markets and restaurants and walk through towns on our own when we travel, but for Wadi Rum, Jerash, maybe Petra and maybe Aqaba and selecting the best stops (not all, too many will exhaust us) we're thinking a private, well informed, flexible to deal with guide with an air-conditioned ride (don't need to be a "Jeep" in the American sense, a softer riding Toyota Hilux is preferred) would be ideal to avoid getting lost for hours and losing out on the best sights and experiences. So, who do you know and what might they advise or need more info about?”

Andy Nurse, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Hi Gilbert,  I will be your travel specialist for your vacation to Jordan. The type of traveling you've mentioned sounds great! As a company w specialize in that sort of travel: private tour, local experiences mixed with classic tourist sites and well-informed guides. I am working on a custom itinerary for your two now and will send that to you soon.

Along with the things mentioned in the email before, Wadi Hidan also interest us. We think we need to avoid committing to any full day long hikes on this adventure - we can stroll around for a few hours and now and then. I'm likely buying a couple "Jordan Passes" today/tomorrow - I've read enough to understand/presume that there's much to see with Petra and was thinking two days - with 1st Petra day ending up to see sights and sundown then hopefully walking from a hotel to see more sights early the next morning (before crowds or heat set-in) maybe sunrise if possible. I think that would count as Two days (the Explorer level Jordan Pass) - any advise on whether we get the "Explorer two days in Petra" or the "Expert three days in Petra" version of the Jordan Pass?

Yes, the two-day Jordan Pass will be sufficient for what you would like to do. You are correct that the next morning would count as a second day. Your idea of getting there in the morning before the heat and crowds is a great idea. 

I will work to include Wadi Hidan into your tour and I hope to send you over a tour option within the next few hours.
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