Jordan and Jerusalem

  Group of 4 friends visited Jordan in September 2017

“We are looking for a tour of Aman, Petra, overnight in wadi rum, and Aqaba, Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Bethlehem if possible. We will fly out of Tel Aviv or Amman which ever most suitable.
Our group consists of four women all late 50's early 60 happy to twin share.
Preference is to travel as four but could join with others to make total group 6-8.
Preference is good standard accommodation 3-4 star.
Approximate dates starting 8-10 September finishing 15-17.”

Basma Hayudini, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Highlights of Jordan & Israel: 9 Days.

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This tour will not only introduce you to famous landmarks of Jordan and the Holy land, but you also will experience the Mideastern hospitality in all its forms, try new foods, meet friendly people, and feel at home away from home!

Day 1: Arrival - Amman
Day 2: Amman - Amman city tour - Madaba - Mount Nebo - Shobak - Petra
Day 3: Petra - Petra - Wadi Rum
Day 4: Wadi Rum - HD Jeep tour - Aqaba
Day 5: Aqaba - boat ride with snorkeling and lunch - Amman
Day 6: Amman - Allenby crossing - Jerusalem tour
Day 7: Jerusalem - Bethlehem - Allenby crossing - Dead Sea
Day 8: Dead Sea - Departure

When you say Dead Sea scrolls, i suppose you referring to the Israel museum, correct? luckily its open everyday, so it should be manageable.
Regarding Spa treatments, there are endless types really, so we normally suggest the customer books their own as they arrive at the hotel.
The weather normally in Sept is real lovely nice bright sunshine in the day, and gets a bit breezy at night, so maybe light jacket is a good idea.
All van are new 2015 or more recent typically we used Hyundai H1 or similar, and the vehicle will be air conditioned.
Wadi Rum was included in the itinerary, great you agree to this :)
i will share my proposal with you tomorrow for 3-4 star accommodation, any preference as to wanting to have a guide or not? please let me know.
Generally the driver will drive you around the sites in your itinerary, and might point out some other sites or locations along the way, as these are experienced drivers, however they are not expected to explain the sites and go into the historical/ religious/ political etc. significance of each site. Our government licensed guides on the other hand will be able to go into details with you and explain each site thoroughly. Please let me know if you’d like the guided option.
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Traveler Review

The sites were great as was the drivers in both Jordan (Nabil) and Israel (Abed) as they were not only excellent drivers but their knowledge was excellent for our group which was not a religious tour. Our guide MaHa, in Jordan was also good in adjusting the itinerary to our particular preferences. I felt this was more a group tour in a small van rather than a private tour. We would have appreciated being offered a broader range of accommodation options to suit a range of budgets. We would have also appreciated a broader set of itinerary's - for example - just camp dinner at wadi rum with no overnight We also had to identify our own more upmarket hotels in some locations.

Basma was excellent in adjusting the tour to our needs but we were surprised when she informed us she was leaving the tour half a day earlier because it suited the tour company better and there was no guiding to be done in the last leg. It would have been better if you had informed us we only needed a guide for 3 days instead of four.