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  Group of 3 visited Jordan in November 2017

“Hi, my husband and I are looking to travel to Jordan in early November for 6-7 days. We are from Vancouver, Canada.

We have rough idea on where we want to go:
-Temple of Hercules
-Wadi Rum
-Dead Sea

We would prefer to hire a licensed English speaking guide.”

Bianca Abma, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Jordan Highlights - 6 days

Day 1: Arrival & explore Amman
Day 2: Roman ruins of Jerash & Ajloun castle
Day 3: The Dead Sea & Shobak castle
Day 4: Explore Petra
Day 5: Desert tour in Wadi Rum
Day 6: Departure

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I am based in Wadi Rum and would be delighted to help you to plan your Jordan trip.

In 6-7 days you can cover the sites you mention and even some more. As for a licensed guide, I would recommend to hire guides locally and don't hire one for you whole trip as this is an expensive option in an already not cheap country. I work together with great drivers who all speak quite some English and can explain some while driving from place to place.

As for a trip plan, I would like to suggest the following. 
Day 1 Arrival & explore downtown Amman - overnight stay in Amman 
Day 2 Roman ruins of Jerash & Ajloun castle - overnight stay in Amman 
Day 3 The Dead Sea & Shobak castle - overnight stay in Wadi Musa 
Day 4 All day visit of Petra - overnight stay in Wadi Musa 
Day 5 Guided day tour of Wadi Rum by jeep - overnight stay in Wadi Rum 
Day 6 Departure day

Let me know how you feel about a licensed guide and if this trip plan sounds like a good way to start. If you have questions or remark, please let me know as well.

Thank you for the quick reply. The trip plan looks good to us. Thank you for your recommendation about hiring local guides, and yes, we agree with you!

Also wanted to note that we would like to experience the Petra by Night, and take part in sand boarding in Wadi Rum.

In terms of accommodations, do you have any recommendations? or is this something we have to book separately on our own? We are looking 5-star rated accommodations.

For sure we can add Petra by Night and sand boarding in Wadi Rum to the trip plan. Please note that Petra by Night is only available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Therefore we have to see if we can make this a fit once you know your flight details.

In the trip plan, which I can make once we know your flight details, I will add all hotel information. I can't book all accommodations. For the accommodations, I can't book I will add a link to where all information will already be present. This makes it easier for you to book by yourself.

Let me know once you can confirm your travel dates, then I will prepare the detailed trip plan for you.

Thanks again for the revised itinerary. We have decided to stay two nights at La Locanda Boutique Hotel in Amman.

Also, we have a few more questions:

1. How much is a Jordan Pass? Do we purchase this on our own? 
2. Could you give me a quote for the Wadi Rum tour? 
3. Please quote the cost of hiring a driver. 
4. For Day 4, when we are visiting Petra, what would you say is the best way to do both day and night at Petra. Would you recommend going in the morning, come back to the hotel and then going back again at night? Or is it better to go in the afternoon and stay at Petra until night time? Also, how much extra is it to do the Night at Petra? 
5. One last question about Petra, do you know how we could get to the top above the finance building in Petra to take a picture like the attached picture??

The Jordan Pass with a one-day visit to Petra costs 70 JD/99 USD per person. You can order your Jordan Pass via their website,

As for day 4, I would start by visiting Petra in the early morning. The earlier you get there, the fewer people will be there. And that improves your experience greatly. Unfortunately, you can't stay in Petra to wait for Petra by Night to start. Everybody needs to leave Petra at closing time and if you wish to visit Petra by Night you can enter Petra again at 8.30 PM. Part of the experience is walking the by candle lights illuminated Siq to the Treasury. If you are not sure that you will be up to walking up and down their twice in one day, I recommend to only buy your tickets at night. The number of tickets is unlimited so you can always join this special event.

If you want to enjoy the stunning view of the Treasury like the one in the picture you send, you will have to hike the Al Khubtha trail.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Before we book this, just wanted to know how everything was arranged? Will you be sending us a more detailed itinerary that includes things like where and when to meet etc?

Once you booked, we work out the meeting times which I then will add to the trip plan. And if other things are unclear we will work those out as well!
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