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  Family of 4 visited Jordan in September 2017

“We arrive on the morning of the 20th (9am) and depart the evening of the 22nd (8pm). We would like to do Petra and possibly a Dead Sea spa or something else. It is my brother, myself and my parents. We would like to stay in nice hotels and have a private driver/guide.”

Tala Dabain, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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3 Day tour to Petra and the Dead Sea

Day 1:  Queen Alia Airport ( flight # tbc arriving at 9:00 am) - Petra 
Day 2: Petra - 2nd day in Petra - Dead Sea
Day 3: Dead Sea - Queen Alia Airport (flight # TBC, departing @ 20:00)

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Great to speak with you about your upcoming trip to Jordan! I will connect you with Tala, who's based in Amman. You will be in excellent hands with her and her team. Since it's the weekend right now in Jordan expect a couple of days delay.

Tala, please provide a couple of hotel options incl the nicest hotels(5*) as well as some 4*. I'll be standby as well in case of any questions.

Thank you for your request and choosing Jordan as a destination to visit this year. It’ll be a pleasure to share our itinerary with you with the certainty that together we’ll plan an unforgettable experience for you.

Will work on the detailed itinerary as per the requirements mentioned above and share it with you at the earliest possible.

Thanks Tala. Can you confirm that this is for three rooms at each hotel? Or we have some flexibility if it would be cheaper, for example, to get a suite with an adjoining bedroom or sleeper couch. We just need three separate sleep spaces. I think I put that in the initial proposal, but maybe not. Thanks.

The offer is for 2 rooms ( twin or double bed ) at each room. 
So do you want the offer to be 1 Double room and 2 Singles?

We are going to go with the first option, including hotels, at five-star level hotels. This is the trip of two lifetimes for my mom and dad, so we want to do it right and with minimal issues. Can you please get that original itinerary loaded and I will login and get it paid up? Thanks again for all of your help.

Great news. Will proceed and book the services for you. Looking forward to welcoming you to Jordan!
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