Petra and the Dead Sea for a float and spa treatment

  A couple visited Jordan in January 2017

“My daughter and I arrive on the 11th January, late night, and depart at 8pm on the 13th. We would like to take a trip to Petra and the Dead Sea for a float and spa treatment. We could stay in Amman for the first night and elsewhere the second.”

Matt Loveland, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Dead Sea & Petra Tour - Angela

Day 1: Arrival & Transfer
Day 2: Relax at the Dead Sea
Day 3: Explore Petra; Depart from Amman

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Since you're arriving late, I wouldn't recommend driving straight to Petra, you wouldn't get out of the airport till around 11:30pm, so wouldn't get to Petra till 2:30/3am. You could stay in Amman or the Dead Sea. You wouldn't have time to see Amman if you're leaving early. So that wouldn't be the reason to stay in Amman. The Kempinski Ishtar is an expensive hotel, so it depends on whether you want to pay the extra to stay there that night when you're not really benefitting that day. But the nice thing is that you can leave your main luggage at the hotel, then you just need to your day stuff to visit Petra, and then come back to the same hotel. It's the same drive time from Amman or the Dead Sea, around 3 - 3.5 hours.
Regarding the spa treatments, there are lots on offer, so it's best to choose yourself and arrange it with the hotel on your arrival.
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All went well and as described. We had a great time and would recommend the Kempinski Hotel at the Dead Sea. The Movenpick at Petra was very well located and the service great in both. Our guide Mansour Mansour had our visa organised n collected us from the airport n took care of everything for our whole trip. Lovely and informative man. Our guide at Petra, Neal Hamadeen, was very knowledgeable and passionate about Petra. We decided to go to the Monastery so he charged us 50 JD extra. We were happy n he organised donkeys at 10 JD each. Worth it but not for the faint hearted as the donkeys navigate a series of old steps and rises. Petra incredible. Thank you Kimkim for organising a great trip.