Petra-Wadi Rum with Eilat pickup

  Family of 4 visited Jordan in January 2018

“Hi, we are looking for a tour for 4 Adults with pickup from Eilat Hotel, assistance to cross border followed by tour of Petra and Wadi Rum, Including overnight Bedouin experience, with return to Eilat with assistance to cross back into Israel.”

Bianca Abma, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Israel to Petra and Wadi Rum - 4 Days.

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Israel to Petra and Wadi Rum - 4 Days

Day 1: Arrival in Petra
Day 2: All day visit of Petra
Day 3: Full Day Tour of Wadi Rum
Day 4: Return to Israel

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My name is Bianca. I am based in Wadi Rum and would like to help you to plan your Jordan trip.

We can plan a trip for the 4 of you to visit both Petra and Wadi Rum from Eilat. It would be great if you can provide me with some more detailed information. Which dates and how many days do you have in mind for your Jordan visit? Beside you wish to include an overnight stay with the Bedouin, are there special things I need to consider or include while preparing the proposal? Based on this input I can provide you with a detailed proposal and price indication.

Let me know if this sounds like a good way to go. And if you have any question or remark, please let me know.

Warm greetings from Wadi Rum,

Hi Bianca, we are looking for a Tour on 7 Jan - 8 Jan 18 with overnight with Bedouin on the 7th.

First of all, I would like to explain the current Wadi Araba border rules and regulations for entering Jordan. I assume you all have Australian passports. This entitles you to a visa upon arrival. The costs for your visa will be determined upon departure. If you visit Petra and spend 1 night in Jordan the visa fee will be 40 JD per person and you will pay 10 JD departure tax per person. If you stay 2 night the visa fee will be waived. And if you stay a third night the departure tax will also be waived.

Hereafter I provide a possible itinerary which includes 2 overnight stays.

Day 1 – cross the border, travel to Wadi Musa and visit Petra
Cross the border in the early morning. At the Jordanian site of the border, your taxi driver will be waiting for you to arrive. He drives you to Petra in about 2 hours and drops you off at your accommodation. The rest of the day you can spend in Petra.

Petra is a huge site. Which places you visit and how much you can explore during this day depends on your pace and interest. For sure you can do the Siq, Treasury, the Amphitheatre, the Street of Facades, the Royal Tombs and the ancient city. Further, you can choose to hike to the mesmerising Monastery, hike up to the High place of Sacrifice for awesome views over the ancient city or hike the Al Khubta trail to see Treasury from up. These are just a few of the many options.

After a long day in this ancient and enchanting rose-red city of Petra, you can rest, relax and review your experience and impressions of Petra while sipping from a drink at the terrace of the bed and breakfast. And if you don't feel like going out for dinner, you can set yourself at the B&B's table to enjoy a delicious home-cooked dinner.

day 2 – travel to Wadi Rum and do a full day jeep tour
After breakfast, your taxi driver will take you to Wadi Rum. This ride takes about 2 hours.

At 9 AM your jeep tour starts from the Rest House in Rum village. During the day you visit some of the most famous sites in Wadi Rum. A jeep is used to drive from site to site. And at sites, there will be time to among others explore historical sites as Khazali canyon and the Lawrence house, walk a canyon and hike up a mountainside and a rock bridge.

At lunch time you take a break. While you relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, your guide prepares you a fresh Bedouin lunch. After lunch, it is time to relax until the heat of the day starts to go. Then the tour continues and you visit some more sites. All together this day is an active day full of variety in the stunningly beautiful Wadi Rum desert.

After enjoying sunset you will drive to the place where you will stay overnight. Optional you can add a 1 or 2-hour camel ride at the beginning or end of your tour.

day 3 - travel back to Eilat
After breakfast, you return to Rum village. From here a taxi driver will drive you to the Wadi Araba border. After crossing the border you can take a taxi to Eilat or any other destination in Israel.

Overnight stay Wadi Musa
B&B Petra Fig Tree Villa is located close to the Petra entrance on a hilltop overlooking the Petra mountains. Lovely host Jolanda Koopman created a true home away from home and serves tasty vegetarian dinners.

Overnight stay Wadi Rum
I would like to suggest to stay overnight like the Bedouin do, outside (bivouac camping). You will be taken to a ‘cave’ (more an overhanging rock which protects from sun, rain and wind) where your guide prepares you a traditional Bedouin dinner. You can spend the evening talking to your guide or enjoy the silence of the desert and the amazing starry night sky. The group size for staying overnight is maximum 8 persons. Please be reminded that bivouac camping is a unique and adventurous experience. This means that luxuries like a bed and bathroom are not available. Sleeping equipment (mattress, sleeping bag and sheet) are provided and bivouac tents will be brought along as well for in case you wish to sleep inside.
Alternatively, we can arrange an overnight stay in a Bedouin camp. Camps can host 20 to 70 persons.

Thanks Bianca, this sounds very interesting and has added the possibility of staying overnight at Wadi Rum. I was previously considering staying overnight in Eilat after returning from Wadi Rum. The waiving of the Visa Fee makes staying the extra night in Jordan more attractive.

As you are interested in spending a second night in Jordan I created the tailored proposal for 3 days / 2 nights. In addition the tour proposal I wish to answer the questions you asked.

The Israeli - Jordanian border opens at 6.30 AM. As you wish to spend as much time as possible in Petra I recommend arriving at the border once it opens. We will have a taxi driver ready at the Jordanian site of the border at the same time. He will wait for you to arrive. You can easily recognise him as he will have your name.

The second day the taxi driver will pick you up from the B&B at 7 AM. Jolanda, the owner of the B&B know the driver who will pick you up.

The third day the taxi driver will pick you up from next to the Rest House in Rum village (the endpoint of the tour). One of the team members of Wadi Rum Nomads will meet you at the Rest House and show you your taxi driver.

This sounds good. Can you provide more info on the option of the bivouac vs the Bedouin camp experience to help us decide between the two.
Also with the border crossing do we just arrive and pass through or do you submit our details with proof of length of stay so they are expecting us at the border crossing.

Bivouac vs Bedouin camp
Bivouac means staying overnight outside in a ‘cave’ - overhanging rock - away from the camps. These places are carefully selected to make sure they protect us from rain, the sun and the wind. All equipment we need for preparing food and to stay overnight will be brought along by your guide. Sleeping equipment (mattress, sheet, sleeping bag and during winter also blankets) will be provided. Further, the guide also brings along bivouac tents for in case you prefer to sleep 'inside'. Please be reminded that bathroom facilities are not available at the cave. Close to the cave are areas where you can mind your own business with some privacy. This type of overnight stay is fit for those who love adventure and a unique experience.

Staying overnight in a Bedouin camps means more comfort. A Bedouin camp is basic and simple. There will be sleeping tents with beds. Tents sleep 2, 4 or even 8 persons. We can book you 2-person tents. Further, the camp has a big communual tent where you can sit, relax and eat. Further, there is a bathroom building with western toilets and showers.

Winter in Wadi Rum
It would also be good to consider the weather conditions in January. It is part of our winter. This means it can be quite cold at night. This means it would be a good idea to bring different layers of clothes, for sure a warm jacket and we also recommend gloves and a hat.
For Wadi Rum Nomads I created a web page about the weather in Wadi Rum ( and I also wrote a blog giving 5 reasons why it is a great idea to visit Wadi Rum during winter ( It might be interesting to read those pages.

Additional information
Once you booked the tour I will send you an information leaflet from the B&B which contains all necessary information. The same goes for your tour and overnight stay in Wadi Rum. If there is information which you need to make your decision, let me know. Then I can provide this information upfront.

I almost forget to answer your question about crossing the border. Crossing this land border actually is quite easy and quick. You can just show up. Normally crossing the border costs anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes. Please check and make sure you have a valid passport (+6 months is required).

Warm greetings from Wadi Rum,
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