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  Group of 5 friends visited Jordan in July 2017

“Day one - cross border first thing from Eilat to Jordan, need someone to meet us there
Drive to Petra (can we hike into Petra?)
Evening in Petra
Day two
Drive to Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour
Camp in Wad Rum
Day three - early start back to Israel Border and into Eilat

We don't need anything fancy - just the basics.
Can you help with arranging visa on arrival at the border?”

Tala Dabain, a local specialist from Jordan, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Top 10 Must-Do Activities While in Jordan.

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3 Day tour to Petra and Wadi Rum

Day 1: Arava Border - Little Petra - Hike from Little Petra to Petra - Hiking Distance: 14Km
Day 2: Petra - 2nd Day exploring Petra - Wadi Rum 4 Hour Jeep tour - Wadi Rum
Day 3: Wadi Rum - Arava Border

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Tala Dabain
Thank you for your message, will be happy to help plan your tour to Jordan.
If you cross the border once it is opened, definitely you can manage and do the hike in Petra. What we can recommend is that you cross the border at 8:00am and then transfer to Little Petra where from there you will hike to Petra. The approximate hiking distance is around 14Km. Please let me know if you are happy with that. Alternatively you can hike the off the beaten tracks inside Petra such as the Monastery, Khubtha Mountain, High Place of sacrifice or Al Madras trail.

To answer your question regrading the visa, definitely we can arrange it for you at the border. The Jordanian Government has waived the visa fees for all non-restricted nationalities coming through Jordanian tour operators whether travelling individually or in groups. The visa fee is waived on the condition that the traveler/traveler’s spend a minimum of two consecutive nights in Jordan. You would need to provide us with you passport details so we can work on the manifest and share it with our representative at the borders so he can help you in getting the visa at the border.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hey Tala,

Thanks for responding we are very interested in the trip but just want to confirm you can arrange all of the following -
- Visa on arrival for 5 people
- Collection from the border after 8am crossing and transport of 5 people to little Petra
- Hike into Petra for 5 people
- 1 night accommodation in Petra for 5 people
- Early transfer to Wadi Rum for 5 people
- Wadi Rum jeep tour for 5 people
- Camping in Wadi Rum for 5 people (nice campsite)
- Transfer back to Israel Border for 5 people

Note we will be staying 2 nights in Jordan so eligible for a visa on arrival.

Can you please confirm if you can arrange all of the above and if so he cost per person. Keeping costs down is important so we don't need a fancy hotel in Petra or fancy transfer.

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