Rhodes, in the Dodecanese islands, can easily be reached by plane from the Greek mainland. Direct flights leave regularly from Athens and Thessaloniki. Some other European cities are also connected with Rhodes by air.

It’s possible to get to Rhodes via ferry from some of the nearby Greek islands. Santorini and Crete are two popular destinations with good ferry connections. You can also fly directly to Rhodes from Crete. 

You can discover Rhodes’ medieval heritage and spectacular scenery with these 5-day, 6-day, and 7-day itineraries.

From Athens or Thessaloniki

Duration: 1 hour by flying, 15-31 hours by ferry

Getting to Rhodes from Greece’s two largest cities is quick and easy. Several flights per day leave from Athens, and usually at least one per day leaves from Thessaloniki.

You can also get to Rhodes by taking a ferry from Piraeus port, near Athens. Be prepared for a long ride—the fastest ferries run overnight, while the slowest ones can take nearly a full weekend. Only a few ferries run every week, so it’s a good idea to book in advance.

On most ferries, private or shared cabins can be booked for an extra fee. This might be worthwhile, considering the length of the journey.

From Santorini

Duration: 4 hours by flying through Athens, or 8-21 hours by ferry

There are no direct flights from Santorini to Rhodes. You can take a flight that connects through Athens, or you could take one of the several ferries that travel on this route each week.

The ferry route from Santorini to Rhodes is long, and it’s a good idea to book in advance. Most ferries leave early in the morning, or late at night. If you’d prefer a shorter ferry ride, you could “island-hop” from Santorini to Kos on your way to Rhodes.

For more information, see How to Get from Santorini to Rhodes.

From Crete

Duration: 1 hour by flying, 10-14 hours by ferry

There are one or two direct flights per day from Heraklion, Crete’s capital city, to Rhodes. Heraklion is located near the center of the island, on its northern coast.

You could also take a ferry from Crete to Rhodes. Ferries leave from Heraklion and Sitia, a port town in Crete’s Lassithi region.

From both Heraklion and Sitia, you'll typically have the option of a high-speed ferry, which takes ten hours, or a regular ferry which takes 14 hours. Most ferries leave in the morning or afternoon, arriving in Rhodes late at night.