With more than two weeks in Norway, you can hit all the major stops and delve into what makes Norway so distinctive. Check out the major cities and fjords like Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim or stay south and add Ardal and Stavanger to the mix. You can also venture to some lesser-visited Norwegian sites—chase the northern lights through Tromsø and Svolvær, explore the fjords from Bergen to Trondheim, or venture past the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands.

Itinerary #1: Discover Norway's Cities & Fjords

A classic itinerary, this discovery tour explores Norway from a local's point of view by train and a small cruise ship, the Hurtigruten. From the cafés of Oslo in the south to the museums of Trondheim farther north, you'll cover the entire length of the country and visit the country's three most significant cities and most famous fjords.

A cruise through the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord 
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Explore  Oslo
Day 2 Explore Oslo with a Local Oslo
Day 3 Train to Aurland, Visit Stegastein Viewpoint Aurland
Day 4 Hiking & Goat Farm Tour Aurland
Day 5 Ferry to Bergen Bergen
Day 6 Explore Bergen with a Local Bergen
Day 7 Fjordcruise to Rosendal Bergen
Day 8 Free Day in Bergen, Board Hurtigruten Hurtigruten
Day 9 Hurtigruten to Ålesund Ålesund
Day 10 Explore Ålesund, Hurtigruten to the Geirangerfjord Hurtigruten
Day 11 Hurtigruten to Trondheim, Explore  Trondheim
Day 12 Free Day in Trondheim Trondheim
Day 13 Viking Valley Hike Trondheim
Day 14 Train to Oslo, Explore Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo
Day 15 Depart Oslo  

You'll arrive in the nation's capital, Oslo, with a couple of days to explore the city, including a custom tour. Check out the shops, museums, and restaurants of the Aker Brygge neighborhood. You'll board a train to the western fjords and Aurland, don't miss the dramatic landscapes along the way. Next up: a speedboat tour of Nærøyfjord, part of Norway's longest fjord, and a hike to a goat farm for some tasty local delicacies. You'll then have three days in Bergen, where you can climb Mt. Sandviken or visit a historic World War II cabin. Your first week ends with a cruise through stunning mountains and waterfalls to Rosendal.

After a free day in Bergen to check out the fish markets or a zip line adventure, you'll catch an overnight cruise along the coast in your private cabin on the Hurtigruten. En route to the charming village of Ålesund, you can wander the city and see the Art Nouveau architecture, parks, and museums. Hop back on the Hurtigruten for a three-course dinner and overnight trip to Trondheim, where you can rent a bicycle to discover the antique wooden houses or tour the museums. Suit up in Viking gear on Day 13 for a hike and experience overlooking the valley, then board a train to return to Oslo to bid farewell. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Southern Norway Highlights: Oslo, Bergen, Årdal & Stavanger

Viking history buffs will particularly enjoy this tour of Southern Norway. You'll take in the Oseberg Viking Ship and Sverd i fjell ("Swords in Rock") monument as you travel through the stunning fjords, mountains, and waterfalls of Oslo, Bergen, Ardal, and Stavanger.

Join a private guide for a full-day hike in Jotunheimen National Park
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Explore  Oslo
Day 2 Day Trip to Tønsberg Oslo
Day 3 Oslofjord Sightseeing Cruise, Visit the Oslo Botanical Garden Oslo
Day 4 Norway in a Nutshell Tour Bergen
Day 5 Arrive in Bergen, Explore Bergen
Day 6 Hiking in Bergen, Boat Trip & Dinner at Cornelius Seafood Restaurant Bergen
Day 7 Private Hardangerfjord Tour: Voss Gondol & Mt. Hanguren Panorama Bergen
Day 8 Explore Folgefonna National Park Bergen
Day 9 Arrive in Årdal, Half-Day Kayaking Trip Årdal
Day 10 Guided Hike in Jotunheimen National Park Årdal
Day 11 Arrive in Stavanger, Explore  Stavanger
Day 12 Cruise the Lysefjord & Climb the Flørli Stairs Stavanger
Day 13 Stavanger Viking Tour Stavanger
Day 14 Hike Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) Stavanger
Day 15 Depart Norway  

Your trip begins in the walkable city of Oslo, where you can explore the main thoroughfare, Karl Johans gate, or more out-of-the-way spots, like the Vigeland Sculpture Park. Board the train for Tønsberg, where you'll be immersed in Viking history. On Day 3, you'll have a sightseeing cruise on the Oslofjord and delight in the botanical garden. Next, head west for an unforgettable full-day Norway in a Nutshell tour, where you'll take the world's steepest railway tour and a fjord tour. In Bergen, check out the waterfront wooden houses and the Ulriken643—a cable car to the mountain peak.

A private tour of Hardangerfjord will leave you in awe of the mountains and waterfalls before discovering the glaciers of Folgefonna National Park on Day 7. You'll travel next to Årdal to kayak Årdalsvatnet lake and hike Jotunheimen National Park. Transfer to the colorful neighborhoods of Stavanger, then climb the world's longest wooden staircase in Lysefjord. On Day 13, you'll delight in a Viking tour featuring reconstructed farmsteads and monuments and spend your last full day on a stunning trail, Preikestolen, before your departure. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Chasing the Northern Lights in Norway's Arctic in Winter

This off-the-beaten-track itinerary is for the intrepid adventurer, with plenty of nighttime activities like reindeer sledding and horseback rides on this journey through Tromsø, Senja, and Svolvær, in Norway's north.

The northern lights over the Lofoten Islands 
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tromsø, Fjord & Wildlife Cruise Tromsø
Day 2 Drive to Senja, Stay at Aurora Borealis Observatory Senja
Day 3 Free Time in Senja & Winter Horseback Riding Senja
Day 4 Drive to Svolvær, Relax in a Floating Sauna Svolvær
Day 5 Explore the Lofoten Islands Svolvær
Day 6 Trollfjord & Eagle Boat Tour, Chase the Northern Lights in Svolvær Svolvær
Day 7 Winter Kayak Adventure Svolvær
Day 8 Drive to Reine, Explore  Reine
Day 9 Drive to Svolvær, Board the Hurtigruten Hurtigruten
Day 10 Arrive in Tromsø, Snowshoeing Tour Tromsø
Day 11 Reindeer Sledding & Overnight in a Lavvu Tromsø
Day 12 Snowmobile Safari in the Lyngen Alps Tromsø
Day 13 Dog Sledding with Alaskan Huskies Tromsø
Day 14 Whale Watching Safari Tromsø
Day 15 Tromsø Cable Car, Depart Norway  

Set off on your adventure in snowcapped Tromsø and enjoy a cruise along the Tromsøfjord before a stay at the  Aurora Borealis Observatory, considered one of the best places to see the incredible northern lights. The next day, you'll be whisked away on a dogsled expedition followed by an after-dark horseback ride. Then you're off to Svolvær to relax sore muscles at the floating Lofoten Sauna, ending the week in the Lofoten Islands, where you can take a winter kayak expedition to spot wildlife and a private tour after dark to spot the aurora borealis. 

You're then bound for picturesque Reine with its fishing communities and beautiful hiking trails, spending some time at the Magic Ice Museum in Svolværboard before boarding a small cruise ship back to Tromsø. Here, you'll take a snowshoeing tour through the unspoiled Norwegian backcountry. Later, a reindeer sledding excursion takes you to a traditional Sami tent known as a lavvu, your accommodation for the evening. A snowmobile ride through the Lyngen Alps and a dogsledding tour through the snow-covered highlands of Kvaløya cap off your voyage. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Fjord Active Adventure: Bergen to Trondheim

The perfect itinerary for outdoor enthusiasts, you'll spend time in the fjords, mountains, rivers, and national parks of Bergen, Solvorn, Åndalsnes, and Trondheim. 

 Romsdalseggen trail 
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bergen Bergen
Day 2 Explore Bergen with a Local Bergen
Day 3 Hike Bergen's Mountains Bergen
Day 4 Explore Flåm, Drive to Solvorn Solvorn
Day 5 Hike in Molden Solvorn
Day 6 Explore Jostedalsbreen National Park Solvorn
Day 7 Hike in Jotunheimen National Park Lom
Day 8 Explore Geiranger, Drive to Åndalsnes Åndalsnes
Day 9 Hike the Romsdalseggen Ridge Åndalsnes
Day 10 Drive to Øksendal Øksendal
Day 11 Hike to the Renndølsetra Summer Farm Innerdalen
Day 12 Hike to Innerdalstårnet, Drive to Oppdal Oppdal
Day 13 River Rafting in Oppdal, Drive to Trondheim Trondheim
Day 14 Free Day in Trondheim Trondheim
Day 15 Depart Norway  

Your journey commences in Bergen. This scenic port city is home to Sognefjord, Norway's longest and deepest, one of the many sights you'll see on your private tour with a local. The next day get ready to hike! You'll be climbing three mountain peaks. Take a panoramic train ride to Flåm, then continue to Solvorn for a four-course dinner and overnight at a 370-year-old family-run hotel. Hike to Molden for spectacular views of the Lustrafjorden, then explore the largest glacier in mainland Europe in Jostedalsbreen National Park. Round out your first week with a trek through the rivers, valleys, lakes, and waterfalls of Jotunheimen National Park.

Head to the deep blue fjords of Geiranger before a breathtaking drive down the Trollstien road ("Trolls Ladder"), zigzagging down the side of a mountain to Åndalsnes. You'll take a daylong hike considered the most beautiful in Norway on the Romsdalseggen Ridge. The village of Øksendal is your next stop, where you'll hike the cathedral-like valley of Innerdalen and overnight at a traditional (cozy) Norwegian farmstead. Drive to Oppdal for some white-water rafting, then on to the cobbled streets of Trondheim to visit the museums and relax with a craft beer before your departure the next day. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Western Norway Fjords & Lofoten Islands

This unique and far-flung 15-Day journey is best for summer travelers. It takes you past the Arctic Circle to places most visitors to Norway won't see: Flåm, Balestrand, Ålesund, Reine, and Svolvær. 

Norway's Lofoten Islands
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bergen Bergen
Day 2 Drive to Flåm, Flåm Railway Flåm
Day 3 Kayak Aurlandsfjord Flåm
Day 4 Drive to Balestrand Balestrand
Day 5 Finnabotn Fjord Safari Balestrand
Day 6 Drive to Solvorn Solvorn
Day 7 Drive to Loen, Ride the Loen Skylift Loen
Day 8 Drive to Geiranger Geiranger
Day 9 Drive the Trollstigen, Explore Ålesund Ålesund
Day 10 Fly to Bodø, Ferry to Lofoten Islands Reine
Day 11 Go Hiking in Reine Reine
Day 12 Wildlife Spotting on Værøya Island Reine
Day 13 Scenic Drive to Svolvær Svolvær
Day 14 Visit Henningsvær, Evening Sea Kayaking Svolvær
Day 15 Fly to Oslo, Depart   

Beginning at the waterfront wooden houses of Bergen, your first day includes a trip up Mount Fløyen on a funicular railway. You'll drive to historic Flåm for a train adventure, then off to a kayaking expedition on the Aurlandsfjord. Take in the mountain views in fjord-side Balestrand, visit the historic church, and hike the trails. Amp up the pace with a boat ride on the Finnafjord, where you'll be treated to the hidden gem of Finnabotn. A car and boat trip deliver you to Urnes, where you can visit the 12th-century church, Norway's oldest place of worship. A skylift ride in Loen ascends to stunning vistas.

Your second week begins with a walk to Storfossen waterfall. You'll drive to Ålesund along the zigzagging Trollstigen, where you can check out the museums and sea park and hike up to Sukkertoppen ("Sugar Top") hill. Your next stop takes you north of the Arctic Circle to the secluded beaches and rugged mountain landscapes of the Lofoten Islands. In the remote archipelago, you'll hike Reinebringen in the historic fishing village of Reine. Then embark on a wildlife spotting boat tour in Værøya to see whales, puffins, and seals. Finally, go sea kayaking in Svolvær before flying to Oslo to depart. Learn more

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Map of 15 Days in Norway - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 15 Days in Norway - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas