Trek for 3 days in the Apolobamba National Park between villages on a "PachaTrek" to experience life and nature in the high Andes. Accompanied by your local guide, learn about traditional medicine, sacred sites, and indigenous farming methods. Stay the night in comfortable lodges and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals.


  • View jaw-dropping high Andes landscapes and glacier-topped mountains
  • Trek 4 hours/ day from village to village with local guides and pack animals
  • Enjoy eating delicious local meals and learning about local culture

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Travel from La Paz to Qutapampa and trek to Kaluyo Charazani
Day 2 Trek from Kaluyo to Chari Chari
Day 3 Trek from Chari to Charazani and return to La Paz La Paz

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Travel from La Paz to Qutapampa and trek to Kaluyo

The trek to Kaluyo includes spectacular high Andes scenery
The trek to Kaluyo includes spectacular high Andes scenery

Get an early start this morning in order to make the most of your day in the Apolobamba National Park. Pass through the city of El Alto and along the coast of Lake Titicaca as you head north and begin the climb into the Cordillera. Your destination today is the tiny village of Qutapampa, located about 6 hours away from La Paz. The village is home to llama and alpaca herders and is located at a spectacular 14,698ft (4,480 m) above sea level. Qutupampa is also a member of PachaTrek, a community-based tourism company, and your hosts during your visit to the protected area. 

A local guide will meet you at the first lodge, where you will enjoy a typical Andean lunch. From here, set off on the first leg of the journey en route to the community of Kaluyo, located at 13,307ft (4,056m). Along the way, enjoy views of the beautiful landscapes and a stop at the Suraqucha Lagoon, a breeding sanctuary for Andean birds. 

After a 4-hour trek, arrive in Kaluyo, a Quechua community and home to the Kallwayas, traditional herbalist healers who posses an enormous knowledge of the medicinal plants in the area. Visit the museum in the village to learn about the cultural history of the healers, then share a meal and visit a local shaman. 

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Day 2: Trek from Kaluyo to Chari

Llama and baby in Altiplano, Bolivia
Llama and baby in Altiplano, Bolivia

After breakfast, set out on your trek to the village of Chari, located at 13,080ft (3,987m). Stop along the way at the Chullpapata Citadel archeological site, which is located on the mountainside with a 360-degree view of the Charazani Valley. At the site, walk carefully among the ruins and look out on the indigenous qapanas, or terraces that line the steep slopes of the valley. From here descend to the village of Chacarapi where you will visit with a gardener to learn about traditional ways of growing food, and the medicinal plants the locals utilize. Visit the cultural museum and enjoy a typical lunch before continuing the descent into Chari. 

As you wind your way down, pass between high Andean ecosystems and valleys where the warming temperature changes the diversity of plants and flowers. Visit the cabildos—sacred sites— and participate in the Ch'alla, a ceremony of reciprocity with the Pachamama. Later, enjoy a short weaving workshop and learn about how local textiles are produced and dyed with natural dyes. 

Day 3: Trek from Chari to Charazani and return to La Paz

The road leading to Pelechuco
The road leading to Pelechuco

After breakfast in the community lodge in Chari, descend along a winding downhill road to the regional capital of Charazani, located at 12,812ft (3,905m). The landscape is dramatic as the altitude begins to decrease, with more and more agricultural plots and farming villages appearing. Reach town around mid-morning and enjoy lunch. 

After lunch, connecting with your private transfer to La Paz, a 6-hour drive. Visit the town hot springs to wash off the dust and dirt of the trail before departing. 


Map of Apolobamba National Park Trek- 3 Days
Map of Apolobamba National Park Trek- 3 Days