June is the beginning of winter in southern parts of Australia, but the middle of the dry season in the tropical north. While Australia isn't known for its cold temperatures, many visitors will be surprised by how cool it can get inland in the south, with snow possible in some places. But, if you'd rather avoid that, northern Queensland, the Northern Territory, and northern Western Australia are at their best in June.


While Australia is more famous for its hot temperatures than its cold ones, cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Hobart can get quite cold in June—you'll need a warm coat, especially at night. Canberra regularly sees winter temperatures below 32°F (0°C) overnight in winter, rising to 53°F (12°C) during the day. Most other southern cities are a bit warmer, with Melbourne and Adelaide experiencing average highs in the high 50s Fahrenheit.

Despite being quite far south, Coastal Sydney and Perth stay relatively mild in June, with highs around 65°F (18°C). A light sweater is usually fine for daytime wear in these cities, and a warmer jacket for evenings and when there's rain. Alice Springs and other desert sites are still pleasantly warm in the daytime (with highs of around 66°F/19°C), but temperatures plummet at night. As for rain, Sydney and Perth tend to experience their heaviest rainfall in June, so you can expect some showers visiting these cities this month. Other southern cities are much drier in June, and you may not see much rain in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, or Hobart.

Northern parts of Australia see very little rain in June. Darwin remains hot, with average highs of 86°F (30°C) and lows of 68°F (20°C). But, there is practically no rain here in June, July, or August, meaning humidity is at a low. Northern Queensland towns are a bit cooler but still warm: Townsville, for example, has June highs of 77°F (25°C). Rainfall is still low, so June is a comfortable time to visit northern parts of Australia.

Crowds & Costs

Although most visitors to Australia will fly into Sydney or Melbourne, June is the low season in the southeast of Australia because of the cooler temperatures and higher rainfall (in Sydney). But, being big cities, there are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy when the weather's not great.

Conditions in the north in June mean this is the peak season in these parts of Australia. But, getting to Australia in the first place is often cheaper in June, as international fares are generally at their lowest. On the other hand, domestic Australian tourists travel to warmer parts of the country to escape the winter.

Expect places like the Whitsundays, Port Douglas, and Broome in Western Australia and the national parks near Darwin and around the Northern Territory to be quite busy in June. Book domestic flights and accommodation as far in advance as possible, especially if your travel coincides with the Australian school holidays later in June (although the main winter holidays usually fall in early July).

Where to Go

If you want to spend time checking out the southern cities' cultural attractions, then this is possible in June. However, northern Australia shines at this time of year, with warm but not overly hot temperatures, but more importantly, little rainfall⁠—this not only means greater comfort but better accessibility to places that could be flooded in the rainy season. For gorgeous beaches, head to northern Queensland and northern Western Australia. "Stinger season" generally ends in May, meaning you'll no longer find the deadly box jellyfish in the sea in June, although check local conditions before taking the plunge. 

June is also a comfortable time to travel around the outback, to highlights such as Uluru or the national parks (Kakadu, Litchfield) of the Northern Territory. Southern Queensland and northern New South Wales⁠—Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Noosa, Byron Bay⁠—can also be pleasant in June. You may find the sea temperatures too cool to swim in, but there are other activities to enjoy.

For a different scene, it's also possible to ski in some mountainous parts of Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra). Although Australia's mountains aren't as high as many others worldwide, ski fields of around 5,000 feet (1,500 m) in elevation generally provide enough snow for skiing from mid-June.

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What to Do

If you have the time, June is an excellent time to embark on a cross-country road trip. You won't experience the extreme heat or floods that you might at other times of the year, making conditions ideal for trips across the outback or up the east coast.

As mentioned above, general sightseeing in the cities, beach activities in the northeast or northwest, and skiing in the mountains can also be enjoyed in June. 

Events in June 

Peak Festival, Snowy Mountains. This festival at the Perisher Ski Field in New South Wales kicks off the ski season in early-mid June. Australian musicians entertain, and ski pass/festival ticket combos are available.

Vivid Sydney. This festival of lights brightens up the wintry city. Highlights include colorful light projections on the Sydney Opera House and other landmarks. It's usually held from late May into June.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Music lovers should go out of their way to attend this music festival. Local and international musicians perform at venues around the city from late May to early June.

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