This chilled-out week-long vacation is the perfect way to explore Bali with little ones in tow. Start in Ubud, where the Monkey Forest and Bali Bird Park are sure to delight, then let the youngsters get their hands dirty with a family cooking class. Wind through the temples and rice terraces of the island's mountainous interior to reach the south coast beaches of Sanur, where the kids can spend the rest of the trip splashing, swimming, and snorkeling to their hearts' content.


  • Embark on fun-filled tours and excursions aimed at younger kids
  • Meet the residents of several wildlife, marine, bird, and monkey parks
  • Soak in natural hot springs in the mountains at the Batur Caldera Lake
  • Learn to make Balinese cuisine during a family-friendly cooking class
  • Relax on the beautiful beaches of South Bali or go snorkeling 

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bali, Transfer to Ubud Ubud
Day 2 Discover the Bali Safari Marine Park  Ubud
Day 3 Private Family-Friendly Cooking Class & Market Tour Ubud
Day 4 See Colorful Species Up Close at the Bali Bird Park Ubud
Day 5 Temples & Rice Fields Tour, Transfer to Sanur Sanur
Day 6 Beach Day or Family-Friendly Snorkeling Tour Sanur
Day 7 Depart Bali  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Bali, Transfer to Ubud

Discover ancient temples and cheeky monkeys in Ubud's Monkey Forest

Selamat datang and welcome to Bali! Your private driver will be waiting to transfer you from the airport to your hotel in Ubud, about an hour's drive inland from the airport in Denpasar. Along the way, your driver will provide a short introduction to this Indonesian island. Depending on your time of arrival, there are many family-friendly options for your first day on the island. Relax at your hotel and give your little ones a chance to recover from the flight, or head out and explore the beautiful town.

Kids might love to start at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, located in the city center. This natural forest sanctuary spans over 30 acres (12 ha) and is home to a horde of nearly 1,000 gray long-tailed macaques. Stroll through the lush tropical foliage dotted with beautiful temples and stone carvings, then look up to see the tall trees filled with chattering monkeys. Note that the macaques are unafraid to get close to human visitors. This means you'll get the chance to interact with them up close, but they are also quite bold and have been known to steal sunglasses, climb onto visitors' heads, and more!

If you have a bit more time and stamina after arriving, you could take a self-guided afternoon and evening walk through the Campuhan Valley. The well-marked trail takes you away from the tourist center of Ubud and into the lush countryside. You'll pass traditional Balinese architecture, verdant paddy fields, and small villages, and you can stop at a small café along the way for snacks and a cool drink for the kids. The entire loop takes around two hours, so it's best to take little ones in a carrier. To make the most of the walk, leave your hotel in mid-afternoon so you can catch a beautiful sunset on the return journey.

Day 2: Discover the Bali Safari Marine Park

Kids will love getting up close to animals in the conservation-based Bali Safari Marine Park

Animal lovers and aspiring zoologists will love today's full-day visit to the Bali Safari Marine Park. At the frontline of wildlife conservation in Indonesia, the park actively ensures many Indonesian animal species' survival and well-being.

You'll find animals representing more than 100 species here, including rare and endangered creatures like the Komodo dragon, orangutan, and the Bali mynah bird. Hop on the safari tram to get up close to the wild animals in a safe way—this is not a zoo, and animals roam free within the park! Once it's time to refuel, enjoy a tasty, leisurely lunch at one of the restaurants within the park before heading back to Ubud for a free afternoon.

Day 3: Private Family-Friendly Cooking Class & Market Tour

Take a family-friendly cooking class to whip up your own versions of Indonesian dishes

Balinese food is unique within Indonesia, and taking a family cooking class is an ideal way to learn more about it while enjoying some delicious new flavors. Meet your chef early in the morning for a visit to the local market, where you'll discover the diverse range of fresh items for sale, including tropical fruits, organic vegetables, exotic spices, and more. See the local people going about their daily shopping as your chef helps you look for ingredients for the cooking class.

Walk back to your hotel for breakfast, then head to a traditional kitchen to start the cooking. Working together, the whole family can prepare a selection of local recipes, learning about the traditional culinary techniques and flavors of Indonesia along the way. Kids will enjoy getting hands-on in the kitchen and will be given tasks that are safe and manageable. At the end of the class, sit down to enjoy a family lunch of your freshly prepared dishes.

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Day 4: See Colorful Species Up Close at the Bali Bird Park

Kids will love spotting the many exotic bird species at the Bali Bird Park 

As a tropical island, Bali is home to some beautiful exotic birds, which your kids will love seeing up close today at the Bali Bird Park. The park covers an area of approximately 5 acres (2 ha) in a lovely setting, with several ponds and more than 2,000 species of tropical plants and 50 varieties of palm trees. Most of the birds here are not enclosed within aviaries but fly freely around, and shows and bird demonstrations are organized throughout the day. There are around 1,300 birds here, belonging to 250 different species, including the Bali starling, birds of paradise, macaws, and raptors.

Day 5: Temples & Rice Fields Tour, Transfer to Sanur

Stop for an afternoon of beach relaxation on the way to Sanur

Say goodbye to Ubud today as you head to Bali's south coast and your next destination: Sanur. Along the way, you'll take a tour through the countryside and into Bali's mountainous interior. The first stop is the stunning Tegalalang Rice Terraces near the village of Ceking. These terraced paddies are one of the most photographed places in Bali, with emerald fields resembling waves that wrap themselves around the valley. You can enjoy the views from high above or trek down for a closer look at the unique water irrigation system used by the Balinese farmers. If it's wet, you might want to carry smaller kids here!

Next, visit the famous Ulun Danu Bratan. This picturesque Hindu temple is located on Bratan Lake and is a highlight of any trip to Bali. The temple was built in the 17th century as a place to honor the three primary Hindu gods, Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma. Kids will love taking their time exploring the ornately carved shrines and beautiful tropical gardens. Continue on to Mount Batur and the Batur Caldera Lake, where you'll follow a winding road down to the lake shore. Here you'll find temples and a collection of hot springs, which are a refreshing place for kids and parents to have a soak. 

Now, depending on how your kids are feeling, you might want to travel all the way to your hotel in Sanur, or to stop for a play on a beautiful beach en route. If you opt to visit a beach, you'll come to a small bay south of busy Padangbai Harbour in East Bali. There you'll find Bias Tugel Beach, a lovely stretch of white sand sheltered by a long, narrow headland. Kids can paddle in the warm ocean and explore the rock pools. Vendors offer snacks, beers, and sun umbrellas along the beach. Finally, end at your hotel in Sanur, where you can all relax after your busy day and enjoy a tasty dinner overlooking the beach.

Day 6: Beach Day or Family-Friendly Snorkeling Tour

Explore Bali's pristine underwater world on a snorkeling tour

Today, you and your kids can choose to spend the day relaxing on the beach at Sanur and playing in the water. This is a great option for toddlers and preschoolers. If your kids are a bit older and more confident in the water, you could head out on a fun snorkeling tour by boat. Meet with your boat team and snorkeling crew, receive a briefing on the day's activities and safety precautions, don a snorkel, mask, and flippers, and head out to sea. You'll have the opportunity to snorkel in some of the most beautiful areas around the island. If you're lucky, you may even swim alongside incredible manta rays.

Day 7: Depart Bali

Goodbye Bali!

It's time to say goodbye to beautiful Bali. Depending on your time of departure there may be time for a final swim in the sea and play on the beach, or a leisurely seafood lunch. Your driver will meet you in your hotel lobby in good time to transfer you to the airport for your flight. Sampai jumpa lagi. See you again!

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Map of Best of Bali for Families: Ubud & Sanur  - 7 Days
Map of Best of Bali for Families: Ubud & Sanur - 7 Days