This food and culture-focused itinerary takes you to central Mexico for a week of rich culinary and cultural traditions. It all starts in Mexico City, where you'll savor mouthwatering street food and take a floating tour of the historic canals of Xochimilco. See the Valley of Teotihuacán's "City of the Gods" via bicycle, then continue to Puebla, exploring its neighborhoods and ancient architecture and learning to make tortillas and mole poblano like a local.


  • Tour the colorful "chef's market" of Mercado de San Juan in Mexico City 
  • Learn to craft authentic Mexican dishes at Casa Malinche Coffee Bar
  • Watch dramatic lucha libre battles and sip artisanal mezcal
  • Sample authentic chiles en nogada or mole poblano in historic Puebla

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Mexico City, Tour the Mercado de San Juan, Optional Activities Mexico City
Day 2 Mexican Muralists Art Walk, Cooking Class & Coffee Tasting, Visit Coyoacán Mexico City
Day 3 Float the Canals of Xochimilco, Narvarte Food & Cantina Tour Mexico City
Day 4 Casa Azul Museum Tour, Lucha Libre & Mezcal Tasting Mexico City
Day 5 Cycle Teotihuacán, Transfer to Puebla Puebla
Day 6 Walking & Food Tours in Puebla Puebla
Day 7 Transfer to Mexico City, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Mexico City, Tour the Mercado de San Juan, Optional Activities

San Juan Market offers hard-to-find specialty meats and seafood and an assortment of fresh produce

Welcome to Mexico! Upon arrival at the airport, meet your private driver for the 30-minute transfer to your hotel in Mexico City. After settling in, discover the gastronomic roots of the Aztec capital with a four-hour visit to the Mercado de San Juan. Famous chefs and local shoppers head to the city's renowned food market for the best quality produce, meats, and specialty foods—from scorpions to lion meat. Join your guide for a walk through the bustling aisles, sampling exotic fruits, cheeses, jams, coffee, and other delicacies while you learn about Mexican cuisine and the market's history.

Afterward, your guide will provide dinner recommendations and tips on how to spend the rest of your afternoon. Get acquainted with the area by exploring the capital's many museums, monuments, galleries, and archaeological sites, or start your culinary adventure by visiting local markets, restaurants, and cafés. For a quiet stroll, put yourself in the locals' shoes and head to the authentic neighborhoods of San Angel, La Condesa, or La Roma

Day 2: Mexican Muralists Art Walk, Cooking Class & Coffee Tasting, Visit Coyoacán

See the incredible murals of David Alfaro Siqueiros

Today's exploration of Mexico City takes you through its history, art, and cuisine, beginning with a 3.5-hour walking tour to learn about Mexican muralists. Follow your guide to the Centro Histórico, visiting three buildings adorned with murals by iconic artists like Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. Here, you'll gain insights into the artistic and political movements that unfolded during the Mexican Revolution, unraveling the stories of Mexico's history, traditions, and social struggles.

Next, venture into the culinary realm with a three-hour cooking class at Casa Malinche Coffee Bar. Learn to craft four dishes, including dry noodles, tortilla soup, salad, and rice. Gain insights into Mexican coffee's nuances, its varieties and extraction process, and taste creations infused with coffee's finest flavors. Move on to the famous neighborhood of Coyoacán for a 2.5-hour guided tour, starting at the Parish and Former Convent of San Juan Bautista. Explore the main square, indulging in a treat of ice cream or churros, and continue to San Jacinto Square, where a myriad of handicrafts and paintings await. 

Day 3: Float the Canals of Xochimilco, Narvarte Food & Cantina Tour

Cruise the canals in colorful trajinera boats

Next, travel further south to the outskirts of the city and Xochimilco. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has been settled since pre-colonial times. It's known for its tranquil canals—remnants of the rivers that once crossed Mexico's valley floor and were used by the Aztecs for transport. A popular activity you'll enjoy is three hours traveling down the canals on a trajinera (painted, gondola-like boat). As you float down the half-natural, half-artificial channels, you'll nibble on antojitos (Mexican snacks) and learn about Mexican history as boats filled with mariachi musicians float past and serenade you.

In the evening, head to Narvarte. This residential neighborhood has become a prime foodie destination due to its many traditional taquerias, trendy coffee shops, and international cuisine options. On a four-hour guided tour, you'll visit food stalls run by vendors who've been in the neighborhood for decades. Delicious tacos you'll enjoy include volcanes (flame-grilled tortillas smothered in cheese and peppers), suadero (a lean cut of beef), and, of course, the famous al pastor (pork shoulder roasted on a spit). Then, toss back a chela (beer) at a local cantina and finish the night with a mezcal tasting led by a local chef.
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Day 4: Casa Azul Museum Tour, Lucha Libre & Mezcal Tasting

Sample delicious mezcal at a traditional cantina

Today, return to Coyoacán's cobbled streets and shady plazas to its most famous building. La Casa Azul is where Frida Kahlo spent much of her life, and now, it's a museum displaying works by Kahlo and Diego Rivera, which you'll see on a tour. Continue to Casa Estudio Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo, where you'll explore the four buildings, including the Twin Houses—individual studios for Rivera and Kahlo—designed by Juan O'Gorman. Continue to the nearby Juan O'Gorman's study house, which is now a museum.

Afterward, you'll experience another of Mexico's celebrated cultural expressions: Lucha Libre wrestling. This four-hour experience begins with a visit to a traditional Mexican cantina. Enjoy a tasting of artisanal mezcal (a Mexican spirit made from the agave plant) accompanied by delicious guacamole. Now that you're fortified, you'll walk to the famous Arena Mexico as your guide offers an overview of the history of lucha libre. During the show, you'll be treated to a dramatic battle between the técnicos (heroes) and rudos (villains), and you can even pick up a wrestling mask as a souvenir.

Day 5: Cycle Teotihuacán, Transfer to Puebla

Explore the paths of the ancients at Teotihuacán

Your morning begins with your guide picking you up at the hotel for a one-hour journey out of the city to Teotihuacán, one of Mexico's most impressive archaeological sites, often referred to as the "City of the Gods." Its origins date back to 400 BCE, predating the Aztecs. At its peak around 500 CE, it housed over 200,000 people and featured 2,000 structures, making it the largest city in the Western Hemisphere. You'll have the opportunity to explore this ancient wonder on a bicycle, allowing you to feel more connected to the culture and history while adding an element of adventure.

Upon arrival, you'll hop on a bike to tour the site, passing by murals adorning structures depicting cultural, religious, and natural motifs. Traverse the Causeway of the Dead, Teotihuacán's main thoroughfare, stretching for a mile (2 km), stopping at the towering 215-foot (66 m) Pyramid of the Sun, the 140-foot (43 m) Pyramid of the Moon, and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl with its feathered serpent deity bas-reliefs. Finally, your private driver will take you to Puebla, which is approximately two hours away. Once you arrive at your hotel, take the rest of the day to rest and recount your archaeological findings.

Day 6: Walking & Food Tours in Puebla

 The chile en nogada is one of the typical dishes found in Puebla
After breakfast, meet your local guide for a three-hour walking tour through Puebla's well-preserved historic center. Begin at the 17th-century Baroque Cathedral, overlooking the Zócalo de Puebla, then proceed to a Talavera workshop showcasing handmade pottery. Your cultural journey continues to the Palafoxiana Library, dating back to 1646, followed by visits to the Calle de Los Dulces, Barrio del Artista, Barrio de Los Sapos, and El Parián handicrafts market, each offering insights into Puebla's culture.
Next, a gastronomic adventure awaits. Join a three-hour walking tour to sample local cuisine, from Arabic tacos to the renowned cemitas poblanas. Explore the origins of iconic dishes, witness the nixtamal process in a tortilla factory, experience the aroma of freshly baked bread at a renowned bakery, and observe skilled potters crafting clay in the La Luz neighborhood. Afterward, savor your final night in Mexico by trying signature dishes such as mole poblano (a flavorful sauce made from chili peppers, chocolate, spices, and nuts) or chiles en nogada (poblano peppers stuffed with ground meat, fruits, and spices).

Day 7: Transfer to Mexico City, Depart

Farewell to beautiful Mexico! 

Enjoy a final morning in captivating Puebla. If time allows, stroll in the Zócalo de Puebla to take it in before your driver picks you up for the two-hour transfer back to Mexico City International Airport and your departing flight. Safe travels!

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Map of  Cuisine & Culture of Mexico City & Puebla - 7 Days
Map of Cuisine & Culture of Mexico City & Puebla - 7 Days