Experience the powerful and incredible beauty of Iceland's raw and remote landscapes on this full-day Super Jeep tour. You'll drive past smoldering volcanoes, into breathtaking highlands, and past orange and cream colored rhyolite stone. You'll cross rivers and explore thunderous coastal waterfalls, walk on black sand beaches, and find secluded hot springs among the highlands.


  • Cross glacier melt rivers in Thorsmork and explore the surrounding canyons
  • Explore the moon-like landscape of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano
  • Enjoy the numerous natural hot springs in the Landmannalaugar region
  • Wonder at the incredible colors of the rugged volcanic Mid Atlantic Ridge
  • Walk down black sand beaches and explore coastline waterfalls


Let the raw and rugged terrain of Iceland's fantastic landscapes take your breath away on this incredible 7- to 8-hour adventure tour. On board a fully equipped all-terrain vehicle, you will visit some of the most magnificent places reachable by Super Jeep. The route of your one-day "mystery" tour will be determined by the weather, road conditions, and the guide's expertise. Don't worry — no matter where the day takes you, Iceland's wonders will captivate you entirely. Black sand beaches, glaciers, and volcanoes await!

Detailed Itinerary 

Explore the incredible scenery of Iceland with a specially adapted all-terrain vehicle 
Explore the incredible scenery of Iceland with a specially adapted all-terrain vehicle 

Heading out from Midgard Base Camp, located in the southern town of Hvolsvöllur, one of the most popular day routes goes deep into the surrounding Þórsmörk area and offers extraordinary encounters with raw, remote nature. Pass underneath the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano, and feel the warm lava from the 2010 explosion that disrupted air travel for weeks. Cross crystal clear glacial rivers and view the magnificent Gígjökull glacial outlet. Stand on the summit crater of Eyjafjallajökull for spectacular views of Iceland's interior, the surrounding icecaps and glacial flows, and towards the Westman Islands.

Another possible destination for today is Landmannalaugar, a breathtaking region of lava fields in the remote Highlands. Its rugged volcanic landscape of orange and cream rhyolite (volcanic stone), and blue and green mountains is a stunning display of color and geology. This area, which sits on top of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, is famous for its plentiful and relaxing natural hot springs. 

One final option for the day is the impressive Icelandic coastline, which will stun you with its display of natural beauty. Walk past magnificent waterfalls, look up at towering ice caps, and enjoy the incredible black sand beaches underfoot while the glistening white glaciers shine in the sunlight. 


Map of Iceland Super Jeep Adventure - Day Tour
Map of Iceland Super Jeep Adventure - Day Tour