July is a month when Indonesia is at its absolute best. The weather is dry, the ocean is warm, and the beaches are full of people surfing, snorkeling, and playing in the sun. It's the perfect time to hike one of the volcanos, explore the many temples, and wander through the bustling street markets. It's high season, and hence more crowded and expensive. Still, if you're seeking a vacation with great weather and plenty of activities, it won't disappoint.


The weather is one of the best things about a vacation to Indonesia in July. It's warm and sunny with temperatures ranging from the lows 80s to mid-90s. Bali is cooler than some of the other islands with daytime highs lingering around 82°F to 84°F and evenings dropping to roughly 71°F to 77°F. Java and Sumatra, by contrast, are a bit hotter, averaging 88°F to 93*F midday and coming down to the 73°F to 79°F range at night. 

Unlike earlier in the year when storms pummel the islands with rain, July has almost no precipitation to speak of, save for occasional light showers in North Sulawesi. The only exception to this is in West Papua and the Raja Ampat islands which experience a brief wet season this time of year, drawing strong winds that make it difficult for things like boating and diving.

Crowds and Costs

The only negative aspect to the nice weather is that it brings crowds along with it. In fact, July is one of the busiest times of the year for Indonesia. Tourist numbers spike and most of the restaurants, hotels, and bars get packed with people. Similarly, you'll find increased prices, particularly when it comes to lodging. It's a time when hotels, airbnbs, and other accommodations charge high-season rates (which can sometimes be double the cost) and airlines bump up their prices, too.

Where to Go

It's hard to go wrong in Indonesia in July. Bali is one of the best destinations with its long stretches of white sand beaches and crystal clear water. The only drawback is that it's one of the most popular islands and therefore crowds are typically larger. 

Java makes a fantastic July destination as well. The scenic island to the west of Bali is famous for its stunning volcanic peaks which you can climb this time of year without worrying about the rain, mud, low visibility, or other less-than-ideal conditions. The temple complexes too are all open for tourists and you won't get rained on strolling through them. 

Another excellent choice is Sumatra. The large island is divided by the equator which creates different conditions in the north and the south. The southern region, which gets wetter during the rainy months, will be as dry as the north in July and idyllic for a visit. The islands of Nusa Tenggara, Sumba, and Flores have similar conditions which are also ideal for vacationers. 

North Sulawesi is one of the few places that does experience some rain this time of year, especially in the north. You can still vacation there but bring a raincoat to be safe. West Papua and Raja Ampat also get some precipitation, along with heavy winds that make July a bad time to visit.

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What to Do

Head to Kuta beach in Bali, a water sports mecca that's full of surfers, kiteboarders, beach-goers, and party-seekers. Try snorkeling, scuba diving, or sea kayaking. You can also simply lounge by the pool—or if you're eager for an adrenaline fix, swing through Tanjung Benoa where you can ride a jetpack on the water. It is also not too far from the famous Tanah Lot water temple.

Go to Java and explore the stunning Candi Prambanan temple complex near Borobudur, or drop by the city of Surabaya where you'll find Indonesia's second-largest city. It is chock-full of restaurants with a vibrant dining scene and lots of nightlife. It also has its share of tourist attractions such as the Monumen Kapal Selam submarine monument, or historic Chinatown.

In Sumatra, head up to the northern city of Medan to explore the Istana Maimun (a beautiful royal palace) or swing by the Mesjid Raya Al Mashun mosque. It's a great city for markets, too—be sure to check out the Merdeka Walk. In the southern part of the island, visit Palembang, a vibrant city that includes the Kuto Besak Fort palace and the Great Mosque of Palembang.

Events in July

Bali Kite Festival: This unique event, which draws hundreds of people to Bali in July, is a festival that honors the harvest. It is believed that the kites persuade the gods to bless the people with an abundant harvest, and people fly giant creations that can span more than 30 feet in size. 

Eid Al Adha: This Islamic holiday (also called the "Festival of the Sacrifice"), which commemorates Ibrahim's sacrificing of his son for God, lasts for about four days. It typically involves food, chanting, and prayers. 

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Temples and Trekking from East Java to Bali: This itinerary is ideal for July because it takes you to all of the best destinations in both Bali and Java—two of the archipelago's most popular islands. You'll visit ivory-white beaches with crystal blue water and sacred cultural temples. Highlights include trekking up several volcanos, snorkeling near Mengangan Island, and visiting the Borobodur and Candi Prambanan temples.

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