June is one of the best months of the year to visit Indonesia. It's hot, sunny, and dry with blue skies overhead and idyllic conditions for activities like beach-going, volcano hiking, and exploring the many cultural sites that the region has to offer. Tourist numbers are higher this time of year but not as crowded as later in the summer, providing a great blend of good conditions and space to move around.


June is the dry season in Indonesia and virtually all of the islands enjoy sunny weather, warm water, and blue skies. Unlike May, which can be a mix of sunshine and rain showers, this month sees very little precipitation, with the exception of some scattered showers high in the mountains and deep in the jungles.

Temperatures vary among islands but generally speaking it's a hot and humid month. In Sumatra, for example, daytime highs range from 86°F to 94°F while Bali averages roughly 82°F to 86°F. Java is even warmer, lingering between 89°F to 95°F during the midday heat. 

Crowds and Costs

June is definitely a busy month in Indonesia, especially in Bali and some of the more popular, heavily-touristed islands. That said, it's still the beginning of the summer so it doesn't get as crowded as July and August when visitors arrive in droves. You'll find big crowds on the beaches and hanging out at the tourist attractions but they won't be overwhelming. Prices, by contrast, are definitely higher. It's rare to find a hotel this time of year that hasn't switched to peak rates and airfare will follow a similar pattern with spiked ticket prices. 

Where to Go

There isn't anywhere in Indonesia that's not spectacular in June. All of the islands experience fantastic weather with blue skies stretching from east to west, and the arrival of tourists makes them bustle with energy. 

Head to Bali where you'll find white sand beaches full of sunshine. People will be splashing in the water, sunbathing on the shore, and sipping cocktails by the hotel pools. Farther north, Ubud offers lush rice paddies and peaceful yoga retreats while Bedugul has a mix of temples, botanical gardens, and adventure parks.

On Java, the island's famous volcanos will be in perfect climbing condition with dry ground and clear skies with sweeping views from the tops. If you enjoy outdoor trekking, it's the perfect time to visit either Mt. Bromo or Mt. Ijen. Java is also home to a number of sacred temples and cities offering shopping, museums, art, food, and nightlife. 

Sumatra is another choice that's sunny and picturesque this time of year (with temperatures hovering between 86°F and 94°F). It's a superb time to explore the mosques and palaces in Medan or cruise down to Palembang, the "Venice of the East." Nusa Tenggara, Flores, and Sumba also make great June destinations. 

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What to Do

If you head to Bali, you can't miss the famous Kuta beach. The vibrant southern beach town, which is the tourist hub of the island, offers a colorful blend of shops, restaurants, bars, and nightlife. If you enjoy water sports, try snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, or other beach activities. Sunbathe in lounge chairs by the ocean or sip cocktails at your hotel pool. Head north to Ubud to take a class as the Yoga Barn or visit the mischievous primates at the Monkey Forest (Mandala Suci Wenara Wana) in the center of town. 

In Java, book a trekking tour to climb the scenic Mt. Bromo, or explore Yogyakarta's mysterious Borobudur Temple complex. The Candi Prambanan is another sacred temple complex near Borobudur that's a must-see, and in the eastern part of the island, Surabaya boasts the title of being Indonesia's second-largest city. While you're there, visit the Monumen Kapal Selam submarine monument, or stroll through historic Chinatown.

Or, head to Sumatra and visit Istana Maimun in Medan, a stunning royal palace that belonged to the Sultanate of Deli at one time. Wander through the markets at Merdeka Walk or take a trip to the Mesjid Raya Al Mashun mosque. Down south, drop by Palembang where highlights of the region include the Great Mosque of Palembang and the Kuto Besak Fort palace.

Events in June

Bali Arts Festival: Perhaps one of the biggest events on Bali (and Indonesia's longest-running arts festival), the Bali Arts Festival draws huge crowds to Denpasar to participate in the celebration. The festivities, which begin in mid-June and last into July, include traditional Balinese dance, performing arts, exhibitions, lectures, and more. 

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Temples and Trekking from East Java to Bali: With an itinerary that includes white sand beaches, sacred cultural temples, and a trek up three different scenic volcanos, this two-week trip won't disappoint. It takes you on a tour of both Bali and Java—two of the country's most popular islands—with highlights including a snorkeling trip around Mengangan Island's coral reefs and exploring the Borobodur and Candi Prambanan temples.

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