Landmannalaugar is an otherworldly, sprawling landscape of lava fields, geothermal pools, steaming hot springs, volcanoes, and multi-colored mountains. In other words, an exquisite setting for a day trip. This tour offers an excellent introduction to Landmannalaugar and the Fjallabak Nature Reserve in Iceland's remote Central Highlands. Go off the beaten path and spend the day exploring and hiking around the area.


  • Enjoy jaw-dropping views of Fjallabak Nature Reserve
  • Explore the ancient, active Hekla volcano
  • Hike on on the Laughahraun lava field
  • Take a restorative swim in one of the many geothermal pools
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Landmannalaugar is located in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the Central Highlands of Iceland. Just three hours east of Reykjavik, the area is situated on the edge of the matte-black Laugahraun lava field, formed by a 1477 volcanic eruption.  Often called "The Pearl of the Highlands," Landmannalaugar is dotted with geothermal pools and rivers, and sits atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge — the longest mountain range in the world. It also offers views of the highly active Hekla volcano to the west. This day trip takes you in and around Landmannalaugar, through the reserve, and around the base of Hekla, with intermittent stops to explore your surroundings, as well as to dip a toe (or more!) in a hot spring.

Detailed Itinerary

Landmannalaugar, Central Highlands 
Landmannalaugar, Central Highlands 

Landmannalaugar is a remote and rugged volcanic landscape, truly unique unto itself. It's made up of rhyolite mountains that provide a breathtaking array of colors — orange, white, blue, and green — that alter in brilliance with the changing sun. Further adding to the surreal scenery are the geothermal hot springs found all over the area.  

Start the day in Reykjavik, where you'll be picked up early in the morning and driven towards the Highlands. Ride around the base of Hekla, one of Iceland's most active volcanoes. Pass through captivating and undulating lava flows, as well as remnants from past eruptions from a myriad of different craters and fissures that make up Hekla proper.

Then hop out of the vehicle and explore the lava fields of Laugarhraun on an easy, gently-paced hike. When you've had enough walking, take a soothing dip in a nearby hot spring, admiring the incomparable views.  Remember to bring your swimwear! 

Driving distance: 186 miles
Driving duration: 
4 hours