There's never a dull moment on this active, eight-day adventure through two of Turkey's most spectacular natural landscapes. Start by diving into the surreal valleys of Cappadocia with an itinerary of biking, horseback riding, and a scenic hot-air balloon flight. Then it's on to the Mediterranean coast, where you'll hike to legendary peaks, discover mythical sites and ancient ruins, and save a little time on your final day for swimming in the turquoise waters off an uninhabited island.


  • Get into gear and enjoy a bike ride around Cappadocia's unique rock formations
  • Take a horseback safari into the windswept valleys of Central Anatolia
  • Zip along the Mediterranean coast around Antalya by e-bike
  • Set out on an epic hike to reach ancient ruins on the mythical Mount Olympos
  • Treat yourself after an active week with beach time on the island of Suluada

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Kayseri, Transfer to Cappadocia, Sunset Bike Tour Cappadocia
Day 2 Hot-Air Balloon Flight, Kaymaklı Underground City, Ihlara Valley Hike Cappadocia
Day 3 Explore Uçhisar, Watch a Pottery Demonstration, Horseback Safari  Cappadocia
Day 4 Transfer to Antalya, Afternoon E-Bike Tour Antalya
Day 5 Trek to the Summit of Mount Tahtalı Antalya
Day 6 Transfer to Adrasan via the Fires of Yanartaş Adrasan
Day 7 Hike to the Olympos Ruins via Musa Dağı Adrasan
Day 8 Suluada Island Boat Tour, Transfer to Antalya, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Kayseri, Transfer to Cappadocia, Sunset Bike Tour

Cycle through surreal rock formations in the valleys of Cappadocia

Welcome to Turkey! A driver will be waiting for you outside Kayseri Erkilet Airport to transfer you to Cappadocia, located in Turkey's Central Anatolia region. On the way, don't forget to look out the windows to catch a glimpse of the ancient cave dwellings, surreal rock formations, and captivating hot-air balloon rides the region is known for. Relax at the hotel before your sunset bike tour this afternoon. Start the three-hour excursion at the Pancarlık Valley, where you'll be surrounded by distinctive rock formations and churches carved into the heart of these ancient rocks.

As you cycle across the volcanic terrain, you'll see the beautiful fortress town of Ortahisar sitting at the foot of the largest rock citadel in the region. Continue to the Göreme Open Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its collection of rock-cut churches adorned with intricate Byzantine frescoes. As the sun slowly sets around you, cycle to the Red Valley, full of reddish-pink rock formations. Conclude your journey in the Paşabağ Valley, known for its whimsical rock formations called "fairy chimneys." Transfer to your hotel to rest before tomorrow's early wake-up call.

Day 2: Hot-Air Balloon Flight, Kaymaklı Underground City, Ihlara Valley Hike 

View Cappadocia from above on a memorable hot-air balloon ride

Wake up before dawn for your sunrise hot-air balloon tour above Cappadocia's picturesque valleys. Enjoy a small breakfast and transfer to the launch point to watch the crew inflate the massive balloons. When they're ready, hop into the basket and hold on tight as you rise into the air. Take in the breathtaking views below as the valleys undergo a transformation in the soft morning light. When you land, celebrate with a glass of Champagne before transferring back to your hotel for a well-deserved nap.

Your action-packed day continues at Kaymaklı Underground City, one of 36 underground cities in Cappadocia. This UNESCO World Heritage Site descends eight floors, which were populated by over 3,500 people fleeing religious persecution in the seventh and eighth centuries BCE. Visitors can only explore the first four floors, descending 65 feet (20 m) below ground. Enter at the first level, which used to be a stable, then walk along narrow corridors, peek into old living quarters, and see where residents used to cook at night so enemies wouldn't see the smoke.

When you're back above ground, continue to the Ihlara Valley, one of the largest canyons in the world at 8 miles (14 km) long and 65 feet (120 m) deep. Despite the size, hiking through this canyon is relatively easy. Walk along the Melendiz River, exploring beautiful rock-hewn caves and churches. Stop at Selime Monastery, a rock-cut construction hosting a cathedral-sized church carved directly into the volcanic tuff dating back to the eighth or ninth century BCE. Transfer back to your hotel to rest for the night.

Day 3: Explore Uçhisar, Watch a Pottery Demonstration, Horseback Safari 

Admire the ancient castle and carved dwellings of Uçhisar

Start your day in the beautiful town of Uçhisar, situated on the edge of Göreme National Park. Visit Uçhisar Castle, often called the "Eye of Cappadocia" for its panoramic view of the whole region. Walk among the ancient hallways and residences of soldiers who defended the area in the fourth century CE. From the top, you can see the valleys of Avcılar, Çavuşin, and Paşabağ, your following stops on the tour. These valleys are known for their geological wonders, like towering rock formations and fairy chimneys, which you'll admire before you head to Avanos.

This town has been renowned as a pottery hub for centuries, thanks to the abundance of red clay from the Kızılırmak River. The tradition of creating pottery from this clay dates back to the Hittite period, around 2000 BCE. Witness a continuation of this tradition as you watch local artisans mold clay into intricate works of art using ancient techniques. Following this demonstration, head back toward Göreme for a short, 2.4-mile (4 km) hike across Aşıklar Vadisi (Love Valley). Walk among more remarkable fairy chimneys and take in the serene atmosphere before returning to your hotel.

Once you're rested, continue this action-packed day at a local Cappadocian ranch for a horseback safari. Follow your experienced guide through the mesmerizing landscapes of the region, transformed by the light of the setting sun. Trot between Cappadocia's distinctive rock formations, admire houses carved into the mountains and enjoy the peace and quiet far from any crowds. At the end of the excursion, give your horse a pat in thanks before transferring back to your hotel for the night. 

Day 4: Fly to Antalya, Afternoon E-Bike Tour

Watch Düden Waterfall spill into the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya

Catch a 75-minute flight west from Kayseri Erkilet Airport to Antalya International Airport today, where a driver will be waiting to take you to your hotel. Settle in before you embark on an e-bike tour of Antalya, the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast. Once you grab your equipment and complete a safety briefing, start your tour at Düden Park, home to Düden Waterfall. Hop off your bike to get a view of the falls cascading into the Mediterranean Sea from the park's observation deck.

Leave the water behind to head to Kaleiçi, the city's historic old town. Cycle along the narrow streets surrounded by the city walls, mosques, Turkish baths, and charming shops. Take a break in a local restaurant to try a simit, a traditional Turkish bagel, with a cup of tea. Once you're rejuvenated, continue on the tour, passing world-famous beaches, cultural centers, green parks, and the Antalya Aquarium. Transfer back to your hotel to rest your legs this evening.

Day 5: Trek to the Summit of Mount Tahtalı

Descend Mount Tahtalı by cable car with views of Antalya Bay

Lace up your hiking boots for a trek up Mount Tahtalı, which you may know by its ancient name, Mount Olympos, home of the gods. Ascend the winding trails surrounded by colorful fruit trees. As you reach the top of the tree line, don't celebrate just yet. From here, the path changes to rocky terrain, but you'll reach a cable car station shortly. Take the cable car to the summit to enjoy panoramic views of the Taurus mountains and the beautiful bay of Antalya. Once you're rested, descend the mountain by cable car, enjoying a panoramic view of the coastline, before heading back to your hotel.

Day 6: Transfer to Adrasan via the Fires of Yanartaş

Settle in for a quiet afternoon in the coastal village of Adrasan

Join your driver this morning for the 54-mile (88 km) drive south to Adrasan, a small village on the Mediterranean coast. On the way, stop at Yanartaş (Burning Rock), where gases like methane emerge from the rocks, creating a permanent fire. Admire the fifth-century BCE church at the entrance, then head up the hill to see the legendary volcanic field. When you reach the top, look out at the flames that have been burning for over 2,500 years, inspiring the creation of Homer's mythical fiery creature, the Chimera. Walk back down to continue your journey to Adrasan.

The afternoon is yours to explore this peaceful coastal town. Bask in the Mediterranean sun and swim through the turquoise waters at one of the many beaches, such as Adrasan Sahil or Adrasan Koyu. Those who can't sit still can trek to the ruins of Adrasan Kalesi (Castle) instead. It's a strenuous, 30-minute hike to the top, so it's not for the faint of heart, but the bird's-eye view of the coastline is worth it. End your night with a delicious dinner at one of the many local restaurants overlooking the water, like Saide Café & Restaurant or Le Jardin Café.

Day 7: Hike to the Olympos Ruins via Musa Dağı

Take a challenging, full-day trek today to reach the ruins of Olympos
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Celebrate the penultimate day of your Turkish adventure with an epic seven-hour trek to Olympos, the ruins of a city built around the end of the fourth century BCE. Start your journey on a winding path bordered by orange and pomegranate trees before you enter a crisp pine forest. As the forest thins, head up Musa Dağı (Mount Musa). Take a break at the top to enjoy a stunning view of Adrasan and the vast Mediterranean Sea. Be careful on the rocky descent to the ancient ruins.

Olympos Beach welcomes you at the bottom of the mountain, where the ruins sit on the rim of the beachfront. Enter the ruins through the old temple gate, view the impressive sarcophagus of Captain Eudemos, and stand in the ruined theater to appreciate the infrastructure of what was once one of the most important Lycian civilizations. The ruins extend into the forest, where you can see the remnants of the city's defensive walls and chamber tombs. Once your feet have had enough, hop on a bus back to Adrasan for the evening.

Day 8: Suluada Island Boat Tour, Transfer to Antalya, Depart

Known as the "Maldives of Turkey," Suluada's shallow, turquoise waters are perfect for swimming
Take advantage of your last morning in Turkey with a boat tour that sets off from Adrasan Beach, taking a relaxing 45-minute cruise to the island of Suluada (Water Island). This uninhabited gem is sometimes called the "Maldives of Turkey" for its pristine, shallow waters and postcard-perfect beaches. Spend a few hours swimming and sunbathing, or end your trip on an active note and explore the uninhabited on foot. After cruising back to the dock, your driver will be waiting to take you to the airport, where you'll catch your departing flight. Safe travels!

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Map of Turkey Active Adventure: Cappadocia, Antalya & Adrasan - 8 Days
Map of Turkey Active Adventure: Cappadocia, Antalya & Adrasan - 8 Days